Oct 05

Tips Make Water Taste Better

You certainly know, to preserve the health of the body is the majority of people choose to consume a drink is water with just as many. However, one factor causes people not like plain water because it tastes plain. Now you do not need to be confused anymore how do I make the water to make it more delicious drink so your body become healthier. Here are a few ingredients that you can use in order to change the water becomes more palatable.healthy diet with water

1. Lemon

Lemon fruit often used some to add to dishes in order to taste better. However, you can now give your lemon into water. In addition to being more palatable, the waters will contain a lot of vitamin C so that dehydration will be lost.

2. Strawberry

The fruit that one might make some people do not like because the acid taste. All you need to know, this one fruit can make the water taste better. You can also combine the strawberries with basil and lemon into the water so that the water becomes more enjoyable when drunk.

3. Cucumber

Of course you never imagine if cucumbers can give a delicacy of white water You drink. While the heat, in particular, the cucumber is perfect put into Your white water so that the water will turn into more fresh.

4. Mint leaves

In addition to providing freshness of white water, you can also get creative by giving the mint leaves. With a distinctive aroma and crisp, mint leaves will give you pleasure in your drinking water. Add ice cubes and a bit of the juice of the lemon juice, your water will feel more sensation.

5. Apple

The last option you can provide on the water that is already sliced apples. Apple will enrich Your water dishes. You can also give a little cinnamon and orange juice in it so that your drink tastes more fresh and delicious.