Mar 23

Tips On How To Care For Hair Based On Hair Type.


Hair has an important role in the appearance, especially for some women. Healthy hair certainly make ourselves comfortable right? Thus, how diligent you in terms of caring for the hair? Do only as shampooing? Or are there special care? Just like the skin, different hair, different issue how to take care of him too. Grab more attention with his health with how to care for hair based on the type of problem.

Dry Hair

One of the most common hair problems is dry hair. In contrast to the skin, dry hair is not the problem, but rather the type of hair. you who have dry hair should pay more attention to hair care products are used. The problem, dry hair is the root of the problem like other hair frizzy hair, the ends of the hair and branched, easily broken. The condition of the hair that is often exposed to wind, Sun, and dry air, as well as the frequency of shampooing too frequently.

How to care for dry hair is to choose products that can make dehydration the hair. Some content such as shea butter, olive oil, and coconut oil can help keep the humidity of the hair. Make sure you select the product that also does not contain silicone because it can block the absorption of Moisturiser and does not contain alcohol which can make hair dehydration. If felt necessary, you can also use a hair mask and conditioner that can deliver nutrients to the hair. In addition, to protect your hair with a scarf or hat and use sunscreen for hair.

Oily Hair

Oily hair is a hair problem due to the scalp produce too much sebum. The scalp has natural oil or sebum which serves to dam the scalp. However, sometimes the oil glands often work is excessive so that sebum production became redundant and causes oily hair. The hair will look limp, dull, and difficult to set up.

You have an oily scalp, make sure you use a shampoo that can control the production of oil on the scalp. Witch hazel and tea tree oil are some of the ingredients that can address the problem of oily hair. Subtract also the frequency of shampooing to prevent excess sebum production and use dry shampoos to absorb sebum in hair.

Damaged Hair

The use of the products and tools for structuring often causes hair damaged hair. Hair becomes brittle, easily broken, end of branched and unruly. The arrangement of the hair too frequently can cause the outermost layer of hair becomes damaged and chipped. In addition to the result of styling, hormonal changes and weather can also be factors that damage the hair. In order not to aggravate the condition of hair, comb the hair using a comb that is soft and flexible. For you who love to dry hair using a towel, be sure to dry slowly and do not be rubbed.

Choose a gentle shampoo and hair formulations for damming has, as well as a complete series of treatments with the use of conditioner. Limit the use of tools such as hot as well curling iron in order not to damage the hair growing. In addition, make sure you choose the products that do not contain sulfates.