Mar 26

Tips Overcoming hair loss on Baby

baby hairWhen a newborn has a dense hair, the hair as you get the baby gently falls out. This is normal and happens in large babies aged less than six months. SST, in fact, the problem of hair loss is not only occurring in adults but can also occur in children.

Hair loss in babies is usually caused by the position of the baby in the same and have not changed. In addition to hair loss in infants is also due to the lack of nutritional intake in infants. If the baby’s mom is experiencing hair loss need not panic, here is a way to overcome hair loss in babies.

1. Change the position of Baby

One of the causes of hair loss in babies that sleep position is not changed. Then try to change the position of the baby. This is important when hair loss occurs on only one side only.

2. The selection of the right baby shampoo

In choosing baby shampoo endeavored to avoid harmful chemical substances. Select age-appropriate shampoo baby. Avoid the use of the excessive product, because when the baby is still not immune either.

3. Massaging the Head

To avoid hair loss, scalp massaging baby can handle it. A gentle massage will unleash a blood circulation in the skin of his head so as to alleviate the risk of hair loss.

4. Shave Hair

When the baby’s hair started to fall out, try to shave the hair of a baby. Shave it will accelerate the growth of hair and also make the hair loss is not easy.

5. Reduce Wear hair accessories

Likes to put on a bandana or accessories in the hair of the little one? We recommend you start now reduce clothed for the little one. Excessive accessories can cause hair loss easy little one.