Mar 07

Tips To Clean The Lungs In Just Over 72 Hours

Clean The LungsThe lungs are one of the vital organs of the body that serves as a respirator. The lungs are located below the ribs that has a very heavy duty, when inhaled is dirty air containing pollutants, the lungs will become dirty.

Gross lung is one of the causes of the onset of various diseases, one of which is lung cancer. Currently, the biggest cause of lung cancer is smoking. Cigarettes are addictive, if someone is addicted to cigarette smoking, the activities will be a routine requirement. Besides cigarettes, of course, there are many other causes that can make your lungs become dirty including air pollution resulting from vehicle engines.

How to clean and purify the lungs? Here are some tips to purify your lungs that you can try in just 72 hours:

First of all, stay away from all food products containing milk from your daily menu. It is necessary to expedite the process of cleansing toxins from the body during the course of these tips.

On the first day, drink a cup of herbal tea or green tea before bed. This will release all the toxins contained in the gut. But, please remember, during the process of purification of the lungs, you can not do heavy work, and do not overload your lungs activity premises hold their breath for long or blow a balloon up feeling exhausted.

The morning before breakfast, drink 300 ml of lemon juice mixed with a little water. If you do not like the taste of lemon, you can replace it with pineapple juice. Both of these fruits contain natural antioxidants that improve the respiratory system.

Drink 300 ml of carrot juice between breakfast and lunch. This juice will help to increase the pH of your blood for 72 hours cleaning.

After lunch, drink 400 ml of fruit juice contains a lot of potassium. Fruits are rich in potassium include: palm, avocado, papaya, banana, and apricot. Potassium acts as a great cleansing tonic effect.

In the evening, drink 400 ml of cranberry juice before bed, which will help you in the fight against bacteria that can cause infection in the lungs while you sleep.

Activity lung purification can you start the morning with a follow routines mentioned above. Do it at least for 3 days or 72 hours and feel the results. Hope it is useful.