Apr 01

Tips To Overcome Dry Skin Around The Lips

healthy lipsUsually, besides the skin vulnerable to dry lips chapped, and the area around the corner of the lips also often experience similar things. Forever or are currently experiencing this problem, usually so less confident, because in addition to creating the look of lipstick is not a maximum, the foundation looks drier in that area, and condition dry skin seems so sign if you are less pay attention to the health of the skin. Well, if you want to address this, but still confused to find the right solution, try to take a moment to obtain the solution through the article below.

Causes of dry skin around the lips

There are various things that can be the cause of the drying of the skin in the area of the corner of her lips. In addition to the 3 things that spelled out Nadya through this article, there are also 3 other factors that often so the causes of dry skin at the corners of the lip area, namely:

The Habit Of Licking The Lips

Common habits that do a lot of these people, it turned out to be one of the main factors cause the corner lip area looks dry. Instead of making the lips moist, lips lick habit could thus make the skin becoming increasingly dry. Saliva will evaporate quickly which ultimately make the condition of the skin becomes drier, even more than before. Not only on the lips, this condition can also be experienced skin around the corner of the lips. Well if you feel the skin around the lips dry, does not hurt to make use of humidifiers such as lip balm than lick lip area.

Too Long Soaking In Hot Water

When the air is cold enough, usually using the hot water bath so one of the many chosen people. But you know, for too long or frequent use hot water bath can give bad effect to the skin. High water temperature will make the natural oils in the skin so the skin feels uplifted opt in to dry. Especially if you use this water for washing the face. The skin area around the corner of the lips will easily look dry and flaky.

Allergy treatment products with alcohol content and Fragrance

For owners of sensitive skin, you need to be careful in choosing cleaning products oral or skin care applied near the area of the lips. Since most products containing alcohol and Fragrancerentan make the skin around the area of the lips become dry even irritation. To overcome this, it’s worth to pay attention to the content of lip balm, toothpaste, and SOAP facial cleanser you.

How to fix dry skin near the corner of the lips

If you’ve already experienced the problem of dry skin in the area around the lips, you should immediately do care so that no skin condition is getting worse. Here’s a variety of ways that you can choose to restore the skin’s humidity around the corner of the lips:

Use a Moisturiser or Lip Balm

Applying Moisturiser to the skin is the first action that you need to do. In addition to the usual Moisturiser products, you can also apply a lip balm products outside the line of the lips to help to dam skin texture. If using humidifiers, preferably choose a high content of moisturized and does not contain material that is prone to irritation effect, Yes.

Use Sunscreen

The use of sunscreen is necessary not only on areas of the body are exposed directly to the Sun, such as arms and legs. Face skin mainly on the outside of the lips will also need the protection so as not to dry. Because of the scorching sun exposure not only make dry lips but also the surrounding skin areas. But don’t select the product origin Yes, be sure to use a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher level.

Drinking whitewater

In addition to various topical treatments, you also need to look at the whitewater intake. Due to lack of fluid in the body not only makes dehydration but also makes the display of skin looks dry and rough. If the area of the lips already looked dry, you need to immediately drink plain water with an appropriate measure. Or try to consume a glass of water after you perform the treatment in the area of the mouth such as brushing your teeth and using mouthwash. If it is easy to forget, take advantage of some of the types of applications that will assist you in meeting the needs of the liquid.