Mar 25

Understand And Identify The Reason Why Babies Cry

baby cryBeing a new parent is not easy. Slowly but surely you will finally understand what the little one wants. But slowly it’s not easy to do. Well, before you feel panicked by the sound of a baby crying you should understand what your needs and reasons why the little one cried.

It’s what makes the importance of why mom should know how to understand the needs of the grassroots. Mom, here are the reasons why babies cry. Following the explanation below.

1. Baby feel hungry

The reason that often occurs is the baby was hungry. The small baby stomach does not easily withstand hunger. So when she felt a little hungry, the only language he could be the cry. Try offering BREAST MILK every baby cries, without the need to count how many times he’s been sucking.

2. Feeling tired

When he felt the tired baby will cry. The sign he feels tired he would cry for trivial things. Help it cool down, with the little one down when he took too long in his arms.

3. Start Damp Diapers

The baby quickly feels uncomfortable. The baby will cry when the diaper needs to be replaced. Usually still when the diaper is full or she feels damp. Make sure the little diaper change immediately when have started full or moist.

4. feeling Unwell

Be aware of any changes to the little one, when he felt a pain crybaby sound will be weaker and with different tones. If a baby cries are accompanied with fever and difficulty breathing, consult a doctor immediately.

5. The little one Just want to cry

In some cases, you will understand that there are times when the baby just wanted to cry. He’s not going to stop before he wants to stop crying, no matter whatever you do. Be patient, this is part of the process, so make sure you wait and calmer.