Feb 15

Understand Couple In Sexual Relationships

onenightIn essence, sexual intercourse should not be done for long. If the female partner has been getting orgasms, then that is a sign for him to finish the game. Here, there are important things to consider before having sexual intercourse.

Get started

Try to do the proper preparation. Do not forget the drinks and cleaning tool are placed near your position, be easily accessible when needed. Choose a comfortable, clean, fragrant, quiet, no smell and no dirty.

Warm up

Warm up before having sex. Each individual must both be in a state of arousal in order to initiate penetration. Make sure the female partner has enough lubrication, so it will not hurt when done penetration. Use fingers, tongue and mouth to help provide stimulation.

Do it casually

Do not rush the pursuit of orgasm. Do it slowly and relaxed. Enjoy the moments of penetration implemented, because it can so you can not feel the same favor at a later time. Perform a variety of positions and ways to satisfy your partner. At the beginning of the game is a good choice to give the woman on top position, in order to obtain fast female orgasm.

Avoid serious talks

Currently undergoing sexual activity, avoid serious discussion. Therefore, it can decrease your main opponent lust. Say the words flirtatious, spoiled and naughty that can increase the stimulation to your partner. Turn off your mobile phone, if necessary, so that your personal activities are not disrupted.

After the play

After the male ejaculation, do not immediately leave. Let the remaining missing libido. Give a sweep-sweep intimate, naughty words thank-you, hugs and warm kisses and so on, as an expression of your affection to your partner. Better yet, take a bath together to improve the quality of your relationship with your partner. Perform the next round if you and your partner desire to meet again.