Apr 02

Unexpected Things That Could Be The Cause Of Dark Lips

healthy lipstHave tried various means to regain hue of pink on your lips but still can not? Hmm, the fault may not lie in the products used. This can occur because some unexpected things here which are the cause of dark lips.

1. do not Remove Lipstick properly

You may never realize this. Do not remove lipstick correctly is one of the causes of dark lips, let alone on the use of a matte lipstick. You have to really clean up the rest of the lipstick because remnants that would accumulate in the skin of the lips can affect pigment of your lips. If necessary, exfoliate Your lips on twice a week so that all the dead skin cells on the lips can be raised.

2. Frequent Licking the lips

This is the bad customs that you might not realize. Licking lips and wetting with saliva will make your lips are getting dry. When the skin is dry lips, then Your lip color pigments can transform into darker.

3. The lips are too dry

Don’t Let Your lips in case of conditions dry for quite a long time. The lips are left dry can also be the cause of lip color turn dark. Bring lip balm in Your makeup pouch. If your lips feel dry, you can use it with ease. Moreover, multiple drink mineral water so that Your lips health also helped from inside.

4. Smoking habit.

It’s almost impossible to get a pink hue on the lips if smoking habit cannot you leave. The nicotine in cigarettes is one of the causes of your lip pigment turns into dark. In addition to being the cause of the darkening of the color of the lips, smoking is also not good to do you make to your health?

5. Sun exposure

Exposure to continuous sunlight can make the facial skin to become darker. The same thing applies to your lips. To prevent this, use a lip balm has SPF to protect your lips from sun exposure.