May 29

Unique Manner to Reach Conception Sperm Work Together

spermIf previously often mentioned that sperm’ compete’ to be able to reach the egg. Now a study just mentioned that sperm work as a team in doing so. Moreover, how to swim that had also very unique. Like what ?

Quoted from the BBC on Wednesday ( 28/05/2014 ), the scientists mentioned sperm cells from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is very good at swimming against the tide in order to achieve their targets, namely the egg.

Smart, they do not swim in a straight line, but rather swim in a spiral together and look for a rather slow currents. Laboratory study explains that this is how swimming can increase the chances of conception.

As is known, from the hundreds of millions of sperm cells that begin the journey toward the egg, only a few are able to achieve it. Not only must travel long distances and are looking in the right direction, the sperm cells are also often’ fight’ against a wide range of different chemicals and currents along the way.

To learn how the sperm to travel this strategy, Prof. Jorn Dunkel and his team made ​​a trial’ simulation sperm’ in the laboratory using a series of tubes and channels of different sizes.

The team found that at a certain flow rate, sperm cells were able to swim against the flow efficiently for a few minutes. They also tend to avoid the center of the tube current is most rapid and chose to swim along the wall of the channel in a spiral motion.

The researchers speculate that the sperm is also doing the same thing while swimming in the fallopian tube toward the egg. Most importantly, the team found that the sperm swim in groups, which allow them to swim faster.

” Previously believed that there was competition between the sperm cells, which are best considered capable of reaching the egg first time. But recent studies show that our team always assemble on the surface sperm tube, so they really can work together to swim faster and more efficiently, ” said Prof. Dunkel.