Jul 05

Vaccine research Zika began Showing signs of Success

zikavirusVaccine research Zika is currently still in the testing phase of the laboratory. Researchers unveil the results are quite satisfactory and plan on testing it to mankind in the near future.

Dr. Dan Barouch of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, one of the researchers, says Zika vaccines, there are two types of vaccines are being developed. The DNA-based vaccine is the first and the second sourced vaccine virus that weakened. A test done in murine laboratory.

“According to our knowledge, this study is the first report of vaccine trials Zika at the animal. Early results showed signs of success and soon maybe we could do the trials on humans, “said Barouch who is also active in Harvard Medical School this, ABC quoted from Australia.

Barouch, described trial results on mice showed the presence of antibodies to the virus the NRA coming into the body. Indeed, not all types of viruses have the expected results, but at least it is a step forward.

“We are optimistic. These findings indicate the existence of developments in vaccine Zika which are safe and effective, “he said again.

On the other hand, researchers from the Pasteur Institute, France, recently found that antibodies taken from patient’s dengue fever turned out to also be used to prevent the Zika virus infection.

Dengue vaccine by chance has just approved its release by the World Health Organization (WHO), so it is believed the same vaccine can also be utilized to protect many people from attack Zika.

“It is natural if during this Zika no cure, cause of a person’s body would make antibodies against the virus Zika when infected, but so far there has not been that researchers are trying to isolate antibodies from patients Zika, let alone if not for The Zika virus was considered a dangerous yet,” says one of the researchers from the Pasteur Institute, Felix Rey.