Dec 17

Vacuum Therapy, Enlarge The Bottom Without Surgery

enlarge buttocksMany people consider the buttocks as a beautiful thing. Butt Kim Kardashian Reality Show star included in it. Now, the womenfolk could have a big butt without surgery.

A salon named Sculpting Goddess in Miami offers a strange new treatment called vacuum therapy. The therapy cost US $ 60.

Vacuum therapy this procedure involves two suction cups stuck in every 45 minutes during the butt. There are several sessions that must be traversed in order to get the best results. But, generally between four to six.

According to the owner of the Sculpting Goddnes, This noninvasive procedure, it causes permanent be a great bottom because it mobilizes fat.

This vacuum therapy has been doing it himself for a year and the result is still the same. This treatment will soften the skin on customers who do therapy and muscle tension decreases. He also promises could break down cellulite and fat build-up, neither to eliminate toxins.

This said, this treatment is not unusual and the information is already spreading. As a result, many requests, especially customers from New York. Whereas, before its customers come from Alabama and Georgia.