Oct 27

The Benefits Of Vitamin D For Health Body

calciumVital amine or vitamins, are a group of organic compounds which have the smallest weight and function which is very vital in metabolism in any organism that is rarely produced by the body. Vitamins in Latin vita or a life and an amine (amine) that refers to a cluster of organic and has a nitrogen atom (N)

Vitamin D is a type of vitamins soluble in fat as well as vitamin A and vitamin e. Vitamin D is known as the Kalsiferol had a role in the formation of bones and teeth along with calcium. Vitamin D is the only vitamin that is produced in the body.

The role of vitamin D has many benefits such as healing with rickets in children, as a medicinal disease, Osteomalacia, as protection against the PAD (peripheral arterial disease), lowering the risk exposed to cancer, reduce the risk of fractures as well as a Rachitic rosary.

Vitamin D has benefits to our body, as for the benefit of Vitamin D, which are:

Help the formation and maintenance of bones.

The formation and maintenance of bones not everything done by a Vitamin D vitamin D, but collaborate with other vitamin-vitamins such as vitamin C, where its function is to assist in the formation of bones, but the special function of vitamin D is helpful in hardening of the bones by regulating calcium and phosphorus in the body in the blood, which is then deposited on the process of hardening of the bones, the bones are hardened as bone Calcitriol and parathyroid hormone that stimulates the release of calcium from bone into the surface of the blood.

Benefits For The Skin. In our body can manufacture vitamin D, but there should be an intake from the foods we eat without needing to consume from food containing vitamin d. Intake of vitamin D is found in fish, eggs or margarine, its function is to keep our skin healthy all time, repair damaged skin, can prevent infection of wounds in the skin, Rejuvenates the skin.

Cancer Prevention. Vitamin D turns can prevent cancer, such as colon and prostate cancer, if we often consume vitamin D as often as possible, then we would be inevitable from such harmful diseases. According to a study that, the more we consume vitamin D can inhibit the multiplication of cancer cells, as more and more vitamin D in the blood which is about 25-hydroxy, so the lower the occurrence of colon cancer.