Nov 28

Want To Have A Flat Stomach? Limit Your Intake

slimbodyIn addition to exercise, to have a flat and toned stomach there is some consumption you should limit your intake. What’s it?

According to nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert, no matter how many servings you exercise, but if you don’t pay attention to diet, then a flat and toned stomach will remain hard to come by.

Therefore, he recommends that you restrict your intake of certain to keep the intake-weight remains stable and not counting fat stacks in the abdominal area. The following lists the intake:

1. Fast food

“Junk food and fast food tends to contain high fat and sugar, and of course other chemicals,” says Lambert.

He continued, sugar can empty the stomach in a hurry. These conditions often cause stomach cramps. High amounts of sugar consumption also risk trigger diabetes. Meanwhile, excessive fat consumption may also trigger a buildup of fat in the abdomen.

“The excessive fat Consumption can also cause discomfort in the stomach and bloating. Additional chemicals that are found in fast food if consumed excessively can also trigger inflammation. The Journal Of Nutritional Biochemistry reports that consumption of artificial sweeteners too much related to obesity, “said Lambert.


2. Salt

Salts binding fluids in the body and help maintain fluid balance in your body’s entire system. But if consumed in excessive amounts, the body precisely so the difficulty and will store the liquid in large quantities. This condition occurs in one part of the abdomen.

3. Soft drinks

“Soft drinks are a common cause of bloating and discomfort in the abdomen due to the high content of carbon dioxide. When you drink soft drinks in large quantities, you are ultimately swallow a large amount of this gas,” said Lambert.

The condition stated by Lambert will cause any discomfort in the digestive system, which leads to bloating and even abdominal pain.

Soft drinks are consuming compared to, Lambert suggests you’re better off eating white water to replenish the liquid in it everyday.