Dec 01

Want to Know 10 Interesting Facts Male Body

manBehind the stomach muscles and his six pack, tucked interesting facts about the male body, including sensitive areas. Want to know? Here it is:

1. Cellulite free man.

Cellulite is very familiar in the female body, whether it be on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and upper arms. But interestingly, cellulite aka fat rogue was never stopped by a man’s body. Actually, men also have fat, the fat problem in men successfully hidden. Layered human skin. The base layer is muscle, the next layer is fat, then the neural network and the outside skin. In women, a thicker layer of fat, while the neural network and the outer skin is thinner than men, a thicker outer layer of skin so that the fat does not stand out.

2. Smoking can cause impotence.

This warning is not groundless. Because cigarette containing millions of chemical substances that are harmful to the body and nicotine causes constriction of blood vessels. When this happens, the amount of blood to the penis is very little and can not support it for an erection. Experts believe smoking will increase the risk of impotence in men as much as 30-50 percent while men aged 40.

3. Males had more feathers.

Ever wonder why the male body hair than women? This is due to androgen hormones which stimulate hair growth in men.

4. Passion sex does not know age.

For men there is no old age for passion. Moreover, studies have shown that up to the age of 40 was still burning passionate man.

Results of research conducted in Australia’s University of Sydney reveals that male testosterone levels will not decrease even though he was already old. Testosterone levels would only decrease if men experience health problems such as obesity or heart disease. Sleep deprivation factor is also considered as one of the causes of decreased sex drive.

5. Scent of a man’s body more stinging.

Pungent scent is one of the biggest problems in men. His face may be as handsome as Liam Hemsworth, but once you approach, the smell makes you feel lost his taste. The cause of body odor is a combination of sweat and bacteria. In men, high testosterone triggers the production of sweat, especially in the armpits, groin, and other folds, which is much more than women.

6. Guy more prominent Adam’s apple.

Both men and women alike have Adam’s apple. However, Adam’s apple is bigger men, because the ballot boxes bigger men than women, so the cartilage (Adam’s apple) which was wrapped thicker and prominent. Increasingly large and prominent Adam’s apple, the more severe the resulting sound anyway. Interestingly, the sound man, namely testosterone, which is an indication of the quality and sexual health. No wonder women prefer the male voice heavy.

7. Faster Men go bald.

Although the fur on his body more dense than women, but interestingly they go bald faster. Let your attention, a lot of men who just turned 30, his hair had fallen out. The reason is the sex hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This hormone is gradually eroding the hair follicles in the scalp. Growing age, the more slippery head without hair.

8. Guy easy erection.

For every normal man and sexually mature, is something that a normal erection. Erection is not merely a result of the stimulation or sexual attraction. Men also experience erections during sleep or wake up in the morning with the term nocturnal or morning erection. Why does this happen? This is a normal event, due to the pumping of blood flow to the penis which is supported by the testosterone hormone levels are high enough. And the presence of pro-erectile nerve stimulation due to a full bladder.

9. Mr. P and weight.

During the fat man often identified with a small penis size. Actually this is not due to a shrinking penis. In principle, penis size is not directly related to weight. The truth is that obese men have more fat in the pelvic area and around Mr. P. Well, fat is exactly cover the penis making it look shorter.

10. Flood sweat.

Never seen a lover’s body drenched in sweat in the morning? It’s a common thing. Naturally a man’s body will reach the highest temperature at bedtime and fall dramatically towards the wake. The fall in body temperature that causes sweating when waking up in the morning. In addition to natural factors, causing a flood of sweat is the stress level. The higher the stress level, the more easily sweat it.