Mar 26

Want to Know the Meaning Behind the Voices Women At Making Love?

voiceThe voices issued during intercourse is often associated as a female partner satisfaction obtained during lovemaking. Really?

Voice during an intimate session is a common way to describe the reaction to the stunning and dramatic sex. Scientists at the University of Leeds found that women were making loud noise during sex is just a way to please your partner.

During the study, the researchers asked 71 women aged 18-48 years during their descriptions of sex, one of them the sound they make.

Researchers found that women who experience orgasm noisy not as remarkable. As many as 66 percent of women say during sex moans and sounds aimed to speed up the climax in pairs.

Excerpted from The Frisky, 87 percent say they just want to raise the self-esteem of male partners. Even some women admit, that sounds tougher when sexual intercourse indicates they are bored, tired or uncomfortable.

This finding is consistent with other studies that found that 80 percent of women fake orgasm. Experts warned, sexual activity does not give satisfaction to each other will affect sex life and marriage in the long run. For that, you should point out to your partner what makes you feel comfortable during an intimate session.