Sep 06

Want To Quickly Get Pregnant? Avoid These 4 things

pregnant2All married couples naturally want to quickly have a son as a complement of a household. But not all married couples can have children after marriage. There it took a few months recently pregnant and some are even up to years.

For married couples, have not had a child after a few months or a few years of marriage would become a problem unto itself. Not to mention the questions of family or friends who asked, “when do you have children?”.

Obviously such questions will bring up its own burden for you and your partner. On the other hand you and your partner actually has indeed sought, but have also given children until now.

Here are a few things that need to be avoided so you can get pregnant fast:

1. Don’t often soak in warm/hot water

The husband and wife who want to have children should not fast too often soak in hot water/warm. This is because the hot conditions can reduce the husband’s sperm quality and could make blood circulation on his wife become less smoothly. So pregnancy is difficult to happen.

Hot water/warm soak once in a while is okay, but it’s not too long. Especially for you who want to quickly have children or children.

2. No sex every day

Too often do the intimate relationship it would turn down the opportunity to conceive. For it to avoid foods containing afrofisiak (sexual arousal Enhancer), such as garlic, chocolate, strawberries, goat meat and shellfish.

It aims to be the husband’s sperm quality can be maintained, so that it can quickly fertilize an ovum’s wife. Too often the sex will only make sperm quality declines. We recommend that you copy of foods that nourish the sperm of the husband.

3. Avoid tight pants

Wearing tight pants are not only uncomfortable, but it can also inhibit pregnancy. For the husband, tights can affect the sperm. This is because the tights will keep the temperature in the area of sex organs up and so hot that sperm quality is declining.

4. Don’t be too often ride motorcycles

The husband should not too often ride motorbikes, especially the front side there is a motorcycle fuel tank. This is because the sperm quality could decline because the area gets hot sex organs because of fuel tank.

If it does not get pregnant as well, should you and your partner checked myself to the doctor to find out the cause. By doing so you will know what actions should be taken in order to get pregnant fast. Hopefully useful!