Feb 01

When to Pregnant Women Should Avoid Intimate Relationship

pregnant motherSexual intercourse is often cause for concern when undergoing pregnancy. Both the husband and the pregnant women sometimes feel uncomfortable having sex because the baby in the womb alarming.

Actually, under the condition of normal pregnancy, sexual activity need not be restricted especially avoided. Precisely intercourse can increase the harmony of the couple’s relationship during pregnancy undergo wife.

Even so, there are several factors that make pregnant women should avoid sex.

Sexual intercourse during pregnancy can cause problems if a high-risk pregnancy included. Or doctors anticipate the possibility of complications.

Most doctors will suggest not having sex if it could harm a pregnancy, such as:

  • History of miscarriage or threatened miscarriage.
  • Low-lying placenta (placenta previa).
  • A history of preterm birth, previous history of delivery before 37 weeks.
  • Vaginal bleeding or discharge that is not known why or experiencing severe stomach cramps.
  • The opening of the birth canal.
  • Rupture or amniotic fluid out.
  • Sexually transmitted disease. You or your partner suffering from sexually transmitted diseases are advised not to have sex until the disease is well treated and declared free of the disease.