Feb 08

Women Often Fantasize Sex When Fertile Period

women fantasyIt turns out that Both men and women generally never committed sexual fantasies. Sexual fantasy is sometimes necessary to excite the libido or sexual intercourse. But did you know that women would perform sexual fantasies, especially during the fertile period?

Yes, a recent study showed that women who are in the fertile period is usually more frequent sexual fantasies. Even at these times, they are also more easily aroused.

In single women, sexual fantasies are more common during the fertile period of their menstrual cycle than usual days.

In his research, Samantha Dawson and his team from the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, involving 27 heterosexual women between the ages of 18 and 30 years who are not bound in a relationship or not using the contraceptive pill. Then each participant is instructed to fill an online diary about how often their sexual fantasies for one month.

Researchers also observed the women for 10 days when entering the fertile period. During this period, each woman was asked to undergo urine tests.

The results of the study found that female volunteers experienced an average of 0.77 sexual fantasies every day. But entering the ovulation period for three days, sexual fantasies increased to 1.3 times per day and this proportion is higher than men.

The intensity of sexual fantasies on the research this time is much higher than the results of previous research that says that women only do it once a week sex fantasies. The findings also show that women tend to focus on the emotional side and not the visual fantasy.

Researchers who published his findings in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior concluded, “sexual fantasies are significantly more likely to occur during ovulation than when infertility.”

“These findings also support other research that says that the peak fertility coincided with an increase in sexual desire, arousal, and sexual motivation in women.”