May 27

Yoga Exercise for pregnant women

pregnant clasessBy following yoga classes, here you will find out information on some poses you should avoid and not done during pregnancy. Along with the size of your pregnancy, you should avoid yoga poses with the position lying on the stomach, for example. This is not good and makes you uncomfortable, so if you still can before the pose, in the pregnancy you should not do it. It’s important to be aware of poses which should be avoided and also identify yourself, when you feel unable or feel pain, you should not continue the movement.

Pregnancy at the beginning of the first three months are more vulnerable and is the most important to be maintained, therefore you should consult your doctor to avoid the risk of injury or miscarriage. So if you feel you cannot do the exercises, then you should delay your first desire to practice yoga. Along with the development and symptoms of nausea was gone, here you can start a yoga practice. Of course by doing consulting on a yoga instructor that knows your health condition and pregnancy.

Some examples of yoga for pregnant women who do and aims to help mothers during pregnancy is undergoing:

Twisted pose; Your position in sitting with legs stretched in front of the position. Then slowly bend your right leg and slowly rotate the body from the waist up to the right with the head facing to the right. Adjust your breath slowly and do displacement movement in the opposite direction. This pose can be beneficial for the spine, hands, neck and shoulders.

Angle pose; This positioning is done in a standing position, then the position of the feet shoulder-width apart and slowly raise your left hand with your elbows straight and lean your body to the left with a skewed position of the body rests on the right hand. Feel the stretch that occurs in the waist and upper body. Hold this position for a moment and then do the opposite position.

Mountain pose; If the mountain pose is usually done in a standing position, here you can modify it to do mountain pose in a sitting position. This pose is done by positioning the back straight, then lift both arms upward with both palms together at the top. Hold your position while concentrating on your breathing. Perform this pose several times.

Stick poses; performed in a lying position with the hands beside the body and straight leg position. Then lift your hand up and feel the stretch in your body. This pose can improve posture and reduce the perceived tension body.
Yoga poses done according to the trimester of pregnancy, if the pregnancy has entered the seventh month of the angle pose is also not resumed because your stomach is also getting bigger. If you feel uncomfortable in maintaining a position it is advisable to stop and rest a while. Bent position, upside down, or put pressure on the stomach really should be avoided because it will be able to harm the fetus. You can do prenatal yoga for pregnant women and still be able to feel the benefits.