Jun 23

6 Tips For Choosing a Jewelry

jewerlyThis is 6 Tips for Choosing Jewelry. There are no women who are not tempted by jewelry. This is what makes many women often go crazy and all-out shopping when he saw a variety of jewelry she likes.

Because no thinking, many women often regret jewelry purchased as difficult combined with its fashion, or not suitable when used. To avoid these mistakes, Sumit Sawhney, a jewelry designer and owner of Apala Innovative Jewelry in India, gives some guidelines to determine the appropriate selection of jewelry.

1. Believe in designer

Many people are hesitant to follow the advice of the designers have thought would be chosen jewelry with the most expensive price. It turns out this is not entirely true. The designers are trained to follow the trend, and is able to see the appropriateness of your use. “So the designer can tell what is suitable for you, and what to avoid,” said Sawhney. However, all of these eventually returned again to the taste and style of dress that you find most comfortable.

2. Jewelry Quality

The best way to know the type of jewelry that is good or not is by certification. Do not forget to ask for a letter from the original certificate purchased jewelry. In addition to certification, good quality jewelery is also based on the type of design (model), the materials used (diamonds, gems, or gold), color, and texture (smooth or rough).

3. Choose a neutral color

One model emerging jewelry today is jewelry with a variety of stones colorful. Although this type of jewelry so grab your attention, but get used to customize your jewelry with skin color. Skin color blend with the appropriate jewelry will make you look more beautiful.

Sawhney advised to choose for your jewelery that has a pale skin. Jewelry with pastel colors, gold, and silver is suitable for you who is white, while the jewelry with various colored stones blue (peacock) suitable for somewhat dark skinned.

4. Face shape

Necklace is one of the most preferred accessories of women. Necklace is regarded as one of the jewels that can improve the appearance and accentuate beauty. But there are some things to consider when choosing a necklace.

Someone who has a small neck should avoid chokers necklace type (tight necklace attached to the neck). Instead, select the type of necklace that is rather long. Chokers suitable for you who have a slender neck and long neck so it will highlight the shape of a perfect and elegant. If the neck is a bit short and wide, Sawhney suggest to use a single pendant or necklace with beads that simple.

For a great face shape and width should avoid chokers necklaces because it will make the face look bigger. Similarly, if you have a large face should avoid round earrings because it can increase the volume of the face.

5. Functions jewelry

Every jewelry has a typical and usefulness, respectively. However, to save money you should select jewelry that not only can be used for one occasion only. “Choose a suitable jewelry for all occasions and time,” he advised.

6. Comfort level

Often choose jewelry based only on a beautiful model. Yet the most important note is the level of comfort when using it. There is no use if you choose jewelry that expensive if you own feel uncomfortable, uncomfortable, or even allergies while wearing them.