Jul 16

Beautiful With Mango

mangoDid you know, mangoes proved to have many benefits for beauty. So, sweet tropical fruit can be used for beauty treatments your skin. What are the benefits of a high fiber fruit is?

1. Eat a mango. If you are less likely to eat fruit directly, make juice with a little sugar. The content of vitamin C, water, and high antioxidant, making mango fruit is believed to be one of the fruits that can provide sufficient vitamins, especially to brighten the skin, face, and provide endurance. In addition, the mangoes can inhibit cancer formation and regulate cholesterol levels in the body which is useful for health.

2. Mango can be used as a face mask. The trick, blender until pureed mango fruit and rub it on your face for 6 to 10 minutes, then rinse with cold water. If you want the best results, do the first rinse using a damp cloth that has been soaked in cold milk, then use cold water to rinse the normal two. In addition to beautify the skin, the mask mango can provide relaxed and cooling effect on the face.

3. Not only fruit, mango fruit skin is also useful. Because, the inner layer of skin mangoes can make your skin becomes more delicate, white, and remove dead skin cells. Some traditional skin health articles mention that the layer in the skin of the mango fruit it contains AHA (Fruit Acids) that are beneficial for skin health.

4. Mango fruit can cope with blackheads. Stools were very disturbing skin in the nasal area is indeed stubborn. To fix this, you can make a scrub of mangoes. How, to prepare a teaspoon of mashed mango, half a teaspoon of milk powder, and honey to taste. These three ingredients are mixed, and then rubbed on the entire face. Do you want to try?

5. In addition to having a sweet taste and refreshment, it turns mango fruit is rich in vitamin E and is believed to contain aphrodisiac, which is a material that can serve to increase libido.