Feb 11

Easy Ways to Eliminate Black Spots on Face

Black spotsBlack spots are also known as the stain on the face does look very disturbing, especially if we have included in the type of person who often hang out or socialize. This certainly will make uncomfortable and also make us feel less confident. There have been many methods that we can do to remove the black spots on the face. Starting from a natural method to the method that uses chemicals were also available.

Before we discuss how to easily remove black spots on the face, we should first identify what are the factors that can cause this because otherwise, I think it would be useless also tips. By knowing the causes, we ourselves will be easier to avoid the black scars on the face.

Some of the factors that can lead to black spots is sun, heredity, or any of the foods that can cause acne and ultimately of acne can cause scars on the face black.

The easy way to get rid of black spots on the face of this course can also do at home without the need to go to a beauty salon. So you do not need to spend more just treatment to remove stains on the face you.

One way to remove the black spots on the face is by smearing the skin that no black spots with lemon juice or lime juice then let it more or less overnight. Lemon juice is very good because it contains bleaching properties and can be used as a natural remedy that is very effective in getting rid of dark spots on the face. In addition, you can also mix lemon juice with a little milk, because milk can help in removing skin cells are already dead.

The second way is to use olive oil or vitamin E every night before bed. This can help you in removing the black stains on the face after a full day activity. In addition, you can also use grated garlic and mixed with a few drops of honey, then apply on face and leave for about 15 minutes. After that wash your face thoroughly.

The third way is with onions. Black spots exist on the face can be camouflaged with onions. The trick is chopped onion until soft and then wring it out until you also get a water extract of the onions. Next, use a cotton swab with water and wet the onion juice and apply on the face, especially the face that there are black spots.

The fourth way is able also to take advantage of the egg white. Nice addition to tighten facial skin, egg whites can also be used to disguise stains black spots on the face. Way, take two eggs and discard the yolk because we need is part egg whites only. Beat the egg white and apply on face and let stand 30 minutes or less survived. Then, wash with clean water.

An alternative way is to use cucumber or aloe vera which has the same function that is highly effective in the treatment of black spots on the face. In the event that the tips we have given it to no avail, you should immediately consult your doctor problem skin beauty.

Need to be reminded that the main cause of black spots on the face is exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sun, so it is very important for you to keep your skin from being exposed to the light exposure, especially over longer periods of time. Try to always use protective lotion of ultraviolet light before you go under the sun.

Black spots may also appear as a result of acne scars or blemishes. Thus, you also have to find a solution to get rid of acne. You can find the solution by reading it in a way to remove acne

That’s the easy way to get rid of black spots on the face that you can try your own home. The trick is very easy and the cost is much cheaper. Hopefully the information that we have presented above is useful and good luck.