Jun 10

How To Get Rid Of Acne With Salt Water

acneAcne is one of the faces of the disease caused by dust and dirt in the pores of the face. Acne that appears on the face not you must eliminate by using a face most beauty products have a price that is quite expensive and there are also facial beauty products have side effects that are harmful to our face.

It is now very much a natural material that used to be the solution to get rid of acne quickly and easily to face, one of the natural ingredients that we discuss here are using salt water. Most of us must be wondering ‘ what could by using salt water we can eliminate pimples on face? ‘. Here we review in detail about ‘ how to get rid of acne with salt water ‘.

The steps how to get rid of acne using salt water, namely:

Take a glass of warm water, and then insert the glass into the salt and stir until the salt is completely mixed with the water, so that the warmth of the water is very salty.

Then take the cotton and soak into the salt solution in the intermediate time approximately for 1-2 minutes.

After the specified time has elapsed, take a cotton swab that has been soaked above and instantly apply the cotton inner face of the your breakouts, press-press your facial breakouts in a few minutes.

After you press in a few minutes, let stand a few times and usually some ACNE on face us little by little will be dead and not inflamed anymore.

Then you can dip the fruit around two cottons directly into a solution of salt water that is already prepared earlier and repeat an emphasis back on acne simultaneously in all parts of the sides of acne on your face.

After everything finished, wash your face with overlooks the use of cold water until completely clean and then dry using a towel.

For maximum results, do this brine solution therapy 2 times a day before bed and after waking up.
In addition to using a solution of salt water that we could also use other natural ingredients combined with a salt water solution to get rid of acne on face.

Its natural ingredients i.e. you can use fruits as his tools, such as the following fruits:

  1. An already thinly sliced tomato for face masks
  2. Cucumber can be used as a facial mask

This can be done with fruit paste on all parts of the face affected by acne and performed more or less for 15 minutes. And performed 1 to 2 times a day.

In addition to the above, there are various fruits, tips to remove acne using natural ways IE by making use of the fruit of the lemon as busting acne, lime juice that’s been squeezed and then mixed with honey is about one teaspoon, then smeared on the face that there are pimples for about 15-20 minutes then rinse face with warm water until clean.

And for tomatoes and cucumbers can also be used directly to get rid of pimples on the face by means of prepared slices of cucumber and tomato paste or tomato and cucumber slices on your face with acne, or for maximum results, please make a cucumber mask to the face, or mask tomatoes for because by using the face mask to the face will make it more evenly throughout our face. Here also there are some tips to take care of our face is acne.

Caring for Acne Facial

Eat Fruits And Vegetables

Fill your body with nutrients and adequate nutrition by eating fruits and vegetables.

Drink Lots Of Water

Get used to drink water regularly for skin needs, and meet the needs of body fluids as well. Minimal drinking water approximately 8 glasses a day to maintain healthy skin and body.

Do Not Consume Foods That Are Greasy

Everyone already knows that consuming oily foods can cause acne. Examples of foods that contain a lot of oil, namely: fried foods, nuts, coconut, organs in animals and animal fats.