Mar 07

How To Naturally Get Eyebrows Views

eyebrowEyebrows, in fact, is one part of the body that serves to protect the eyes. But in fact, the brow is also one of the factors the sweetener in every human face. Eyebrows can add to the beauty of the face to make it look more perfect. What about Your eyebrows?

Born with thick eyebrows and thick certainly is pride. Not everyone shared the thick eyebrows and thick. Braga has eyebrows that are natural or naturally without having to return the cosmetic dream of every woman. Not only that, the natural eyebrows also have the impression that more beautiful for any who looked at it.

Because of this, women are always trying to get the perfect eyebrows like his desire in various ways, ranging from the use of pencils, eyebrow plucking eyebrows, to eyebrow embroidery. But did you know that there is a cheap way to get thick and thick eyebrows?

Here’s how to make Your eyebrows thicker and amaze:

• Pecan

It turns out, the benefits of nutmeg are believed to be from ancient times to blacken and grow feathers. The content that is in the nuts such as saponins, flavonida, and polifenon this is supposedly able to fertilize and blacken the eyebrows. How to use any nut is very easy, you only need to set it on fire until charred, then pile up to release the oil. Then, the oil is applied to all parts of eyebrows the way slowly. For satisfactory results, perform regularly, at least 3 x a week.

• Olive Oil

Olive oil has been known as the best natural ingredients in the beauty field. One of its functions is to nourish and blacken the eyebrows. How is very easy, apply olive oil to the rest of the eyebrows using a cotton bud. The deployment of oils should be accompanied by a massage about 2-3 minutes on the eyebrows. Do on a regular basis and you will get thick and thick eyebrows.

• Red Onion

Who thinks, it turns out the Red Onion can also be used as an alternative to get black and thick eyebrows. The content of the sulfur reputedly believed to accelerate the growth of eyebrows. Do not lose easily, sliced red onions and use a cotton bud to apply liquid from the slices. Do it slowly and do not let the liquid on your eyes, because it will feel smarting.

Some tips are natural ways that can be done to get the thick eyebrows and thick. The above ways are perfect for you who are less confident as it has a thin eyebrow. With pecans, olive oil, red onion, and Your eyebrows can become thick and riveting.

The natural ingredients will not cause side effects if done with the steps that have been suggested. If the eyebrows can produce in a way that is easy and cheap, why be with how expensive? Done regularly, then you will get beautiful eyebrows.