Apr 11

How To Prevent and Eliminate Graying Hair

graying hairYour hair already graying? It is a natural process as the process of aging, but I was young but my hair already graying? If you ask like that there are many factors that could have influenced them, such as hereditary factors. But I am having problems with this, because I am still young? Well, now we find out the causes and how to treat gray hair at a young age.

Causes of gray hair is due to the lack of melanin production in hair follicles. Melanin is the pigment that gives color to the hair and works well for smoothing hair. Then, if we lack melanin and the hair can cause loss of hair so that the darkness level of gray hair.

The cause of Graying in young age

Other factors and causes of gray hair at a young age please read below:

Nutritional deficiencies, deficiency of vitamin B, the substance of copper, iron and Iodine is a factor that causes the growth of gray hair, usually this happens when we are doing the wrong diet, due to lack of nutritional intake at the time of the diet.

Stress, cause this one also you should avoid, because when we experience the stress or anxiety this could disrupt the supply of nutrients to hair health.

Health condition, health condition of the body that are less well could cause the onset of gray hair at a young age, such as vertiligo, anemia, thyroid imbalance and deficiency of vitamin B12.

The offspring, Gene Factor is the cause too, if your family who have the same problem on your gray hair when they are young, then it can also be experienced by you.

Dirty and oily scalp, scalp conditions that are dirty and greasy also can cause the onset of gray hair, because it can weaken the hair roots, so the blood supply to the hair shaft is hampered.

Warming up the excess, often doing the drying hair using a blow dryer or clean hair using hot water is not good for the health of your hair, it can also cause the effects of white hair at a young age.

After you know the causes of gray hair at a young age, you realize it turned out new gray hair are not only experienced by parents apparently can also be experienced by young people. Well below you can now cope with knowing how to get rid of gray hair below.

How To Eliminate Gray Hair at Young Age

Curry leaves, a natural ingredient to eliminate gray hair at a young age, because the benefits of curry leaves is to maintain the strength of hair and maintain the vitality of the hair. How to use it is a mix of coconut oil and curry leaves and then bring to a boil, strain the oil, let cool and apply on the scalp.

Pumpkin fruit, you can take advantage of a pumpkin because the fruit contains a great benefit to restore the hair pigment. It is to use a pumpkin basking in the sun to dry, soak together coconut oil for 3-4 hours, then boiled pumpkin until blackened residue, let cool, then massage and apply the pumpkin residue on the scalp.

Spinach Leaf Extract juice, this way you can get back black hair and accelerate the growth of new hair. How to prepare fresh spinach leaves, then you juice, then apply on the scalp and hair.

A few tips on health and beauty articles causes and how to get rid of gray hair at a young age, may be able to practice and you get your hair black again.