Nov 06

How To Smooth Skin With Pumice

pumiceHave a dry and coarse skin naturally becomes a separate issue for the women. Rough skin is certainly going to make You so feel ashamed or alone time minder gathered with many people. Moreover, if anyone is to touch your skin.

Some areas that often have problems with dry skin and rough is the Palm of the hand and also the heel. The problem of dry skin and rough in the Palm of the hand can occur because your habits when washing. While the skin rough heels can be caused due to unhealthy footwear.

You may think that the lotion or moisturizer alone are sufficient to address the problem of dry skin and rough it. But in fact up to this point the issue never resolved?

Here’s how to soften dry skin and rough with a pumice stone:

1. Soak your hands in brine

So the dead skin cells that cause a sense of rough could be lifted, we recommend that you first soak Your hands in warm water that’s been sprinkled with salt. Leave it on for 20 minutes, until the skin area feels moist.

2. Rub with a pumice stone

Use this handy pumice to remove layers of cells in the Horn (calluses) on the skin of the hands are rough. Rub the pumice stone slowly so the calluses on the skin of your hand could soon be uplifted and changed with new skin cells are more gently, of course.

3. Lemon

After using a pumice stone rubbed, clean the skin of the hands with running water. Halve lemon halves, so sweep them into the lemon skin area rough hands, let sit for a few minutes then rinse until clean. To do routine for maximum results.

4. Soak it in milk

For smooth skin the feet (soles and heels), first soak your feet into the warm water that has been mixed with a cup of milk for 30 minutes. After that, rub the rough skin or calluses with a pumice stone slowly. For maximum results, do routinely every time is going to take a shower.

That’s the way-the way to smooth skin that is rough or skin calluses with a pumice stone.