Oct 20

New Trends Beautify Eyebrows In The World’s


The trend of beautifying eyebrows is no longer a taboo subject. There are many beauty methods to shape eyebrows and make them more attractive, like eyebrow embroidery one of them.

No doubt, currently do eyebrow embroidery has been chosen many women who want to look beautiful instantly. In fact, it is considered powerful shorten the time to apply makeup.

It is behind Ali Tattoo, to introduce the latest embroidery trend called Nano Circling. The trend was created directly by the master of eyebrow beauty Ali.

Ali is deliberately creating international standards of embroidery to provide the perfect eyebrow beauty for women. On the appearance of the eyebrows will look natural and perfect the shape of the face.

“So here I want to introduce a trend that I created myself for the eyebrow embroidery of his name Nano Circling.This trend is first in the world because it does not look like artificial.”

He said that Nano Circling is different from previous techniques such as Microblading. Because when peeling the fall will look more smooth.

Then, for the technique is actually not too much different from the application of other eyebrow embroideries. It just takes carefulness of eyebrow experts in the process.

In the result, the eyebrows will be much more perfect than the existing techniques can even be said to look like 21 dimensions and resemble eyebrow hair is smooth and neat. This trend can last about two years and depend on the condition of the facial skin on the customer.

“The technique is the same as eyebrow embroidery before it just needs more focus to stay neat.This trend can last about 2 years,” he said.

Currently, Nano Circling has begun to be introduced in several countries around the world, such as Paris, Belgium, and the Netherlands.