May 23

Practical Arrangements Hair For Busy Ladies

Free hairstyle is very important for working mothers. Given the very limited time working mother, her hair also did not want to linger. Well, so the hair looks neat in a short time we had a trick.

Want to know how to organize simple but interesting hair in an instant? Here’s hair style ideas that could be considered, Ladies…

Sexy Pixie

Sexy Pixie

This style is increasingly popular because it is very practical and cool. Short haircut with a little style to the side of this spiky make the face look more fresh mother and young. In addition, short haircuts are also easily arranged not as complicated long-haired woman. Given quite a bit of Hairspray or hair gel, you’re ready to go…

The buns come off

the hair buns

The buns come off either high or low, making you feel the perfect activity without the need to go back and forth to the bathroom just for hair. Enough hair comb, then roll into one united buns come off. Tie and clamp jaws with hair, spray Hairspray. Done …

Circular bun

Circular bunsAnother beautiful idea for hair is making a circular bun. Basically stride almost similar to the order of the other bun. Hair combs, united then create a circular roll and lock the rest of the hair with a hairpin or hairpin.

That’s how fast my hair in a matter of seconds.