Jan 10

The Beautiful and Ageless Secret of Jennifer Lopez

j-loAlthough his age is already ahead of the half-century, Jennifer Lopez looks increasingly young and attractive. Bloody Latin singer who is now 46-year-old said of his last prescription was obtained from his decision during the younger set. Not a beauty ritual or elaborate, but health is very simple: apply fun. And run a pattern of healthy living, of course.

“I was never exposed to sunlight while still young. I’m not a drinker (alcohol), I cannot also do not smoke. But in essence, what you’re feeling inside and who you are surely looking in the face, “he said on the Today presenter, Natalie Morales said in an interview.

“And I often heard this adage, and my life long 25 or 30, you will wear the face of God-given you. But after that, you will wear a face that you should get. And I always thought, should I apply fun (from now on), “he said, quoted from the page Today, Friday (8/1/2016).

In the age of the young no longer seems to be J-Lo already has it all. And he acknowledged was already satisfied with his achievements, although up to now have not been lucky in love.

“Someone could add to my happiness, but that’s not what makes me happy. I have to be happy with myself first. So far (I experienced) is learning. I’ve got a great love and sure to be able to get more,” said J- Lo.

J-Lo does not give up despite never failed three times in a marriage. He hoped could later remarry. “I’m glad I married. I really want to get married in the Church and wear a big dress, “he said.