Jan 15

This is How To Eliminate Glasses Former in the Nose

glassesThe use of glasses for a long time often cause scars or hollow mold in the nose. If not addressed, this basin would imprint on the nose like a wound that reduces the appearance and your self-confidence, especially when I had to take off the glasses. Is there any way around that?

1. Nose Keep

When you are required to use the glasses should always be used (instead of reading glasses), you should really pay attention to the cleanliness of the nose so that pressure sores as a result of these glasses are not lasting. Clean your face, especially the nose, at least twice a day. Avoid the irritation and redness caused by the attack of bacteria or dirt on the nose.

2. Apply a moisturizer

This scar tissue can occur due to damaged and dry skin. So as not getting an impression, you should apply moisturizer diligent in this section. Applications regular moisturizer will make skin feel soft and supple, so that the skin regeneration can take place quickly. Use a moisturizer that is not greasy, at least twice a day on the wound.

3. Naturally Mask

Glasses scar will be very visible because the color tends to be darker than the skin overall. To disguise or eliminate them, you can use natural mask of sliced ​​tomatoes or potatoes. Both of these materials contain compounds that can help whiten the skin naturally.

In addition, you can also use cucumber slices, vitamin E oil, almond oil, and a mask made from a mixture of wheat, milk, and honey. All material is thought to moisturize skin, improve elasticity, and whiten the skin.

4. Toner

Toner that has been widely overlooked when cleaning the face, it has other benefits to eliminate injuries. Toner usage, particularly in the scar would make the surrounding skin becomes stronger and elastic. Healthy skin will help the recovery process so that the scars are no longer leave marks.