Jun 08

Tips on caring for the nails so that the Shiny

nailsYour fingernails or toenails did not have a significant function in the body. But its existence could create the appearance of hands and feet became more beautiful. It could be said that the existence of the nail is the part to beautify the appearance of hands and feet. However, sometimes the presence of nails is not cared for properly so as to make nails appear to be dull in appearance. Rarely do such nail care pedicure or manicure makes the nails don’t look shiny like a nail that is owned by most celebrities.

Have a beautiful, beautiful nails, white, clean, and shiny will fine-tune the appearance of a person especially a woman. No need to use all sorts of color or to beautify the nail polish nails by following tips nails so shiny can already make the appearance of the nail to the attention and the envy of many.

To have nails that clean white, shiny and not rarely some people pulled out some money to do nail treatments in the beauty salon. However, by using natural ingredient costs could nail trimming and redirected to other costs. With his own nails at home with a number of treatments, it will make a person become more attentive to the cleanliness and beauty of the nails. Although it takes time, which is not an instant result, to feel the caring tips nails so shiny can be done at home or when there is a relaxing time in the House.

By using natural materials, nail care to get maximum results will not cause any side effects.

Here’s how to take care of the nails so that the shiny, very easy to do and can be done yourself at home as you relax with peace of mind.


Shiny nails can be obtained by using the lemon water where the content of vitamin C in lemons will be Shiner your fingernails or toenails. How to make ingredient very easily by slicing a lemon into pieces and then rubbed on the surface of the nail for a few moments. After rubbing lemon slices, then the results can already be seen nails look clean and well glazed. In addition, the lemon can also clean the nails from the rest of the nail polish that still remains.


Watermelon is not only refreshing when eaten, especially when the weather is hot. After eating the watermelons don’t directly disposed of part of his skin because it can be used to treat nails become shiny. Just like using lemon, watermelon rind that is rubbed on the surface of the white part of the nail a couple of long ago let to the watermelon water stick on nails to dry by itself. Afterwards, clean with water and dry with a soft cloth so the nails will look clean and well glazed.


In addition, as a remedy in the tackle a number of diseases, garlic can also be used to clean the nails and makes the nails become shiny. In addition, by clearing the nail using garlic, nails will become stronger and not easily broken when extended. How to use garlic is also quite easy to rub to the surface with the IE nails or plug on the nail and nail bed repeatedly would be shiny clean.

Baking Powder

Using baking powder which is mixed into the warm water and used to soak the nail about 5-10 minutes will make the nail be clean shiny u.s. desired. In addition, by using this solution can also make the nails become white naturally. After the soaked and then rinsed with water until clean. For maximum results, take care once a week.

That’s the information that can be shared and given with respect to caring tips nails so shiny with natural and easy. By having this information hopefully can be a useful reference. It turns out that citrus fruit good for health