Nov 05

Understanding the Other Meaning of “Sexy”

sexy brain“Brainy is the new sexy” that is spoken in the film Irene Alder Sherlock Holmes BBC version. Maybe some people are already watching the film. But is now looking to the overall content of the film is not peeled, but rather the meaning of the term has been in utter by Irene Alder.

Sentences spoken by Irene Alder has been phenomenal meanings, where most people consider that sexy is always seen from the physical. The definition of sexy as an adjective meaning stimulates a sense of lust (body shape, clothing, etc.). Sexy here means having a good body parts. In other words, section is to have a dent very beautiful sculpted body, has a charming face, and can satisfy the desire of someone’s imagination.

As time goes by, people assume that the section be physically alone was not enough. Then came the term “Brainy is the new sexy” that some people may have heard, but have yet to understand the correct meaning. Taken literally, the meaning of “brainy is the new sexy” is the “smart is the new sexy” version.
Now people are getting wise and start assessing that sexy doesn’t always have to be associated with physical appearance, but can be transmitted through thought or way of thinking, the charisma, the authority, responsibility, and so on. Later the sense of the section itself could not escape from the sense of good and interesting personality.

If examined more deeply, the perception of the section is about bright ideas generated positive thoughts of a person, who always emitted, creating a fruitful work and achievement, develop talents and talents that are owned by the greatest extent possible, be responsible for all of his work, and certainly has a beautiful soul that radiated out.

Understanding the sense of this section are expected to change the assumption of those who initially assessing the only section of the physical appearance, but can also be seen from one’s intelligence in doing, addressing, and give a response to something. In fact, everyone has their own section for that side is not necessarily seen from the physical and the task is to develop it in a positive way.