Oct 06

Tips Make Coconut Water Taste Better

Most people consume drinking coconut water only as it is just. In fact, if you know you can make coconut water as a food ingredient that is delicious to eat. Want to know what the combination for make water coconut taste better?coconut_water

Maybe you will feel confused, any food that you can create by using the main ingredients are coconut water. If you know, lots of food items that are easily made using coconut milk. For example, you could use coconut water as a drink. Here are a few foods that you can use by using the main ingredient of coconut water.

1. Ice cream

The food of this one is one of the food menu is quite simple. With the use of coconut milk is then frozen with given a little water. Many kinds of flavors that you can use to make ice cream with coconut milk, so that combined will produce natural flavors.

2. The pudding

You need to know that coconut water and coconut meat can You make as a main ingredient to cultivate food. In a simple manner, you can cultivate and enjoy delicious food. Combine these two ingredients, then freeze. That way, you can enjoy the coconut water as a food cover is pretty sweet.

3. The juice

Most people always use plain water when making the drink the juice. However, if you are know coconut water also can you make to make fruit juice. With the use of coconut water, fruit juice You will taste much more delicious when drunk.

Oct 05

Tips Make Water Taste Better

You certainly know, to preserve the health of the body is the majority of people choose to consume a drink is water with just as many. However, one factor causes people not like plain water because it tastes plain. Now you do not need to be confused anymore how do I make the water to make it more delicious drink so your body become healthier. Here are a few ingredients that you can use in order to change the water becomes more palatable.healthy diet with water

1. Lemon

Lemon fruit often used some to add to dishes in order to taste better. However, you can now give your lemon into water. In addition to being more palatable, the waters will contain a lot of vitamin C so that dehydration will be lost.

2. Strawberry

The fruit that one might make some people do not like because the acid taste. All you need to know, this one fruit can make the water taste better. You can also combine the strawberries with basil and lemon into the water so that the water becomes more enjoyable when drunk.

3. Cucumber

Of course you never imagine if cucumbers can give a delicacy of white water You drink. While the heat, in particular, the cucumber is perfect put into Your white water so that the water will turn into more fresh.

4. Mint leaves

In addition to providing freshness of white water, you can also get creative by giving the mint leaves. With a distinctive aroma and crisp, mint leaves will give you pleasure in your drinking water. Add ice cubes and a bit of the juice of the lemon juice, your water will feel more sensation.

5. Apple

The last option you can provide on the water that is already sliced apples. Apple will enrich Your water dishes. You can also give a little cinnamon and orange juice in it so that your drink tastes more fresh and delicious.

Oct 04

Yoga Too Relaxed To Called Sports

Yoga sport including a very popular by many circles. But seen from the intensity, yoga seems to have not been able to meet the needs of sports as recommended.yoga-for-beginner

A research on the Medicine Science in Sports & & Exercise recently analysed the intensity range of the movement in one of the branches of yoga, hence Hatha Yoga. As a result, this kind of exercise in general do not meet recommendations for physical activity.

This research base that conclusion on the value of the MET or metabolic equivalent. The higher the value of the MET, the higher the intensity of a physical activity.

Different types of motion in Hatha Yoga, according to this study are included in the category of light with a value less than 3 MET, to moderate between 3-6 MET. But most of the movement in these types of yoga categorized as light intensity with movement.

One of the few movements in Hatha Yoga are categorized have a medium intensity is the sun salutation poses, also known as Surya Namaskara term. This poses a series of regular movements performed as a warm-up.

Although yoga is considered has not met the recommended by as much as 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity per week, not that it is not helpful at all. But, Hatha Yoga is great for increasing strength, balance, and flexibility. It can also soothe the mind and reducing stress.

Oct 02

5 risk factors for heart disease

healthy_hearthObesity, genetic factors and lifestyle is not healthy is a major risk factor for heart disease. But according to experts, the risk factors of heart disease do just that.

“Heart disease is it multifaktorial, so the risk factors and the cause is not only one. There could be several, in fact, there are hidden, then, what are the risk factors for heart disease other than obesity, genetic factors and lifestyle is not healthy? Summarized from various sources, here’s the 5 of them:

1. Bad oral health

Oral health is bad is associated with increased risk of heart attack. The research referred to them that have broken teeth more susceptible to heart attack.

2. Air pollution

Various studies have already proven that air pollution increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. The dust particles from the air pollution may enter and clog up the blood vessels.

3. Noise pollution

A study of the United States refer to live near a noisy place or frequent exposure to noise pollution risk increases the risk of stroke.

4. Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep due to sleep apnea can raise blood pressure, which, if it happens continuously cause someone experiencing hypertension, and at risk of stroke and heart failure.

5. Stress and depression

Chronic stress and depression is said to have an effect on the risk of having a heart attack. Stress happens continuously can cause blood vessels to narrow and clogged.

Oct 01

Not Just For The Digestive System, Fiber Rich Diet Also Make Healthy Lungs

Consumption of foods rich in vegetables and fruits has been more synonymous with the health of the digestive system organs. When in fact, this diet also helped maintain lung health and prevent disease in the organ you know.healthy life for man

In a recent study published in the Annals of the American Thoracic Society, fiber-rich diet not only protects the body from the risk of diabetes and heart disease, but also reduces the risk of lung disease.

These data obtained in the analysis of researchers from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey some time ago. In two respiratory examination, those with a high fiber intake had lung health better. More precisely, they have a lung capacity that is larger and able to breathe more air in one second, compared to those who consume less fiber.

“Lung disease is a health problem that should never be overlooked. Previously known stop smoking can be done to prevent the disease. But now it is clear that a diet rich in fiber can also play an important role,” said study leader Corrine Hanson, PhD, RD, who is also a nutrition expert medical University of Nebraska Medical Center.

In this study, the researchers reviewed the medical records of 1,921 adult respondents aged 40-79 years. Fiber consumption is calculated based on the amount of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds are consumed by the respondent.

According to the researchers, fiber consumption reduces inflammation in the body, which is the basis of several lung diseases. Other studies have also shown that fiber alter the composition of gut microbiome, which in turn reduces infection and release chemicals naturally protective lungs to the body.

Sep 29

Spirit Fitness in the Gym But Diet Is Not Set No Effect On The Body

Those who want to lose weight are usually eager to enrol to the gym. But they thus forget to set daily diets.gym-and-diet

But according to a study conducted by the City University of New York, sports in the long run though barely significant effect conferring if not coupled with the application of a healthy diet.

“Sport is indeed very important to health, especially for those of you who are looking to lose weight. But our study also proves that you still need to focus on a healthy diet, “says one of the researchers, Dr Herman Pontzer.

The researchers said the fact that thus far too often the fitness or exercise at the gym can thus increase the appetite. Well, if the diet is not arranged exactly thus can make weight stable or even rising.

Therefore, controlling calories, coupled with increasing physical activity, touted is the key to maintaining or losing weight.

Other studies have been published in the International Journal of Epidemiology said that while physical activity has many benefits, some other evidence concluded that this increase in physical activity should also be balanced by setting your calorie intake.

“There is only one effective way to lose weight, i.e., eat less calories,” wrote the researchers.

Sep 28

Hormonal changes that occur when weight loss Diet is done

When weight loss diet program is done, there is nothing going on in the body, i.e. the conditions change hormones. These hormonal changes are revealed in a study in Denmark.healthy diet

The research team conducts observations on 20 people with obesity. The entire respondents were asked live ultra low calorie diet for two months, and successfully undergo a decline in average weight of 6 kg.

After that, each respondent underwent a weight-maintenance program that is more ‘ light ‘ for a year. And as a result, their weight stabilized.

From the experiment that researchers found that the hormone ghrelin, which triggers hunger, could be increased by 23 percent when respondents underwent the first program.

“Apparently when the diet is started, the body adapts by increasing your appetite. Maybe that’s the trick to ‘ survive ‘ or against your wishes, “brightest researchers, Signe Sorensen Torekov, PhD as reported men’s Health.

But next year, ghrelin respondents declined to 7 percent. Torekov suspect then began to slow down the body’s adaptation process. “Because the body was getting used to his new weight, so that the production of hormone that triggers hunger also not as much as usual,” he added.

Interestingly, in conjunction with the decrease in the production of the hormone ghrelin, the researchers also found an increased occurrence of two hormones that help to engender a sense of satiety, namely GLP-1 and PYY3-36. His Ascension is also gradually taking place in the span of a year.

According Torekov, the extra fat in the body also plays a role in hindering the work of the cell to produce hormone satiating maker. Therefore, when someone succeeds in eliminating body fat and keep it within a certain time, the production of their hormones will return to normal.

“The key, when you can maintain weight in a year’s time, you’ll start to rarely feel hungry, so keep the weights remain stable into the job that much easier,” he added.

Sep 27

Bad Food Diet Threatening The Health Of Half The World’s Population

Get too little or too much of the nutrients from the foods mentioned by the independent researcher panel for the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) now threatens the health of nearly half the world’s population. The threat emerged in the form of malnutrition or obesity.healthy-diet-menu

According to the report, about a quarter of children under five years of natural growth stunting due to malnutrition. In the meantime, by 2030 an estimated one-third of the world’s population experiencing excess weight or obesity.

As we all know obesity is closely associated with heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes. When many infected then it is called will threaten the productivity and growth of the world economy.

On the other side of stunting can also provide broad enough impact. For flower growing, stunting is associated with intelligence that is not optimal and economically stunting is associated with a decline in productivity.

The former President of Ghana John Kufuor shared the head counsellor of science United Kingdom Kingdom Sir John Beddington as the leaders of the study said about two billion people in the world today are not getting the vitamin and mineral intake that fits in his diet.

Predictable situation will be much worse in a span of 20 years ahead and the panel said it took a global effort to deal with it. At least on a par as the world wants to eradicate the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or malaria.

“This is happening partly driven by inequality,” said one member of the panel is Professor Lawrence Haddad from the International Food Policy Research Institute, Guatemala.

“People who have high income and low levels of stunting. Low-income groups to diet based on corn, but they did not get enough vegetables, fruits, milk or other protein sources such as chicken, “continued Lawrence.

Sep 09

Ideas For Lab Coats For Kids

When you think about lab coats, you probably think about nurses and doctors who work in a medical office or hospital. While these are people who typically wear them, there are ideas for kids lab coats as well. If you’re children like to paint or make crafts at home or at school, a lab coat can help to keep the clothing from getting soiled. This makes it easier for children to create works of art without worrying about getting paint on a shirt or the pants, which can make the clothing easier to wash after an art session.


Image by: scrubsunlimited.com

There might be a time when your child has to stay in the hospital for an extended time. You can get a lab coat that can help make the child feel comfortable as there are some that have Disney characters and coats that have other fun designs. Most scrubs for kids are made with comfortable materials that are soft and allow the child to easily move while in bed or walking along the halls of the hospital. There are coats in all sizes with fun designs for all ages.


Image by: scrubsunlimited.com

Your child can play pretend while wearing a lab coat. The child can play doctor with friends or even stuffed animals. Add patches on the coat to give a professional look so that your child feels like he’s working in a hospital or lab. The coats can also be worn while pretending to be a mad scientist or a chemist. Set up an area in the home where your child can pretend while wearing the coat as this can spark the imagination and keep him from playing as many video games or watching television.

A lab coat can be turned into a dazzling Halloween costume. It can be made into a zombie doctor with a little blood added to the sleeves or a coat for a scientist with a few accessories that include a stethoscope and a clipboard. Add a pair of glasses and a wig that makes your child look like he has wild hair that has been sizzled from an experiment gone bad to complete the costume.

Jul 15

The researchers Predicted the epidemic Would Subside New Zika Three years into the future

zikavirusA team of researchers from The Imperial College London report in the journal Science that the Zika virus outbreak new possibilities will subside within the next three years. The reason is because at that time the virus spreads were difficult due to live a little of the human population who have not been infected.

The Zika virus known to be unable to infect two times the same person so that if the human population numbers ever infected already on the threshold, then the spread of the virus itself will start dimming. Until a few years later then start many more babies born and formed the new generation, so the virus can come back when at the moment it is not yet an effective vaccine also exist.

The prediction is taken after the researchers devised a model of the spread of data existing in Latin America. Could not be ascertained how accurate predictions because researchers only a look trend of the current deployment of just assuming there would be no change.

Study leader Professor Neil Ferguson said in this context the existence of dispersion prevention efforts done thus will increasingly lengthen the duration of the epidemic.

“Slow down occurrence of transmission between person to person means that the longer the population will reach the level of herd immunity (immunity of groups) is needed so that the transmission can be stopped. This could also mean that the distance between the epidemic will be getting shorter, “said Prof Ferguson as cited from the BBC, Friday (15/7/2016).

Because there are still many things not known about Zika, molecular virologist Jonathan Ball commented that the predictions actually could not be ascertained its accuracy. Need further study to find out the key properties of Zika virus itself before there could be predicted.

“Frankly” there are still many important scientific facts about Zika which are not, yet we know making it impossible to predict with certainty what will happen,” said Ball

“The key questions unanswered, such as how many people have been infected, how long the duration of immunity in people who have been infected, whether in the past the exposed to the virus that resembles Dengue can affect susceptibility to Zika, and whether there is a reservoir of the virus in the wild.”

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