Oct 14

3 Things Women Must Do After Making Love

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Perhaps most women already know what to do after sex. But, there are some things you should not ignore after making love for your feminine area maintained cleanliness and health.

The intimate area is a sensitive and easy-to-be female organ where germs and bacteria multiply. For that, you need to follow the rules, how to maintain the health of female organs, especially after doing sex activities. Here are things you should do after making love:


All already know this. As soon as you finish making love, opponent push to sleep and immediately to the bathroom. Although you do not want to go to the water, you still have to do it because when you empty the bladder, you also clean your urethra or urinary tract from the bacteria. This ritual you can not avoid, especially if you are susceptible to urinary tract infections.


Wash with water of female area after sex. And do not forget to dry them with a clean towel. Because sexual intercourse is always fluid from all kinds of things, so it is mandatory for you to wipe your intimate area to clean. Use a towel or tissue, but do not use materials that are too hard. All you have to do is tap it dry. If you want to be more thorough, wash with clean water and natural soap without fragrance.

Change underwear

After you calm down after making love, immediately change underwear. Use slack underwear and let your intimate area ‘breathe’. Your intimate area has just done the hard work, so the best thing to do is get him breathing. By doing so, you will prevent it from getting infected like a yeast infection and itching.

If you are through menopause or have just entered, your area of ​​femininity will be more prone to itching, irritation, and skin infections. All of the above steps can really help keep your sex life going well.

The health of your intimate area is the most important thing to keep. If you experience any unusual signs and discomfort after sex, you should consult a gynecologist. When your intimate area is kept clean and well maintained, you can avoid various diseases, such as urinary tract infections and fungal infections.

Any signs such as pelvic discomfort, bad smell, itching or burning sensation, do not you ignore.

Oct 13

Do not Ignore the Right Handwashing Ways

handwashInfectious diseases in children are still very prone to occur. Plus environmental factors facilitate the transmission of viruses and the transfer of bacteria and germs.

One way to keep your child’s body healthy is to wash your hands regularly. By keeping the body and environment clean, infectious diseases can be prevented up to 90 percent.

Hand washing is known as one way to prevent the onset of germ-related diseases and is considered most effective in stopping the disease transmission process. However, to achieve such effectiveness, hand washing should be done in the right way.

Hand washing is the most important element of rubbing the palms of the hands, back of hands, between fingers, and fingertips. “How the sequence is not a problem, the most important of all the above-mentioned elements done.

Hand washing is not just a movement of washing, starting from the palm of the hand, the back of the hand, between the fingers, locking the palms, then turn the fingertips in the palm of the hand. It is proven to be very effective at removing germs in the palm of the hand. Hand washing is much more effective than just washing hands with ordinary movements only.

“By hand washing routine alone, it has already reduced 45 percent to reduce the risk of diarrhea, especially with the ability to maintain environmental hygiene, which can reach 90 percent prevention of infectious diseases such as Worms, Hepatitis, infections of the lungs, Tipoids. Hand washing is required in the following times.

“Wash hands with soap should be done on four habits, such as before eating, from the toilet, after the activity, after holding the animal and before feeding the baby,”.

Five handwashing habits that will be easy to do if children get used early. In addition to maintaining the cleanliness of the environment and the body in children, should be done continuously at home and school.

Oct 12

The Right Air-Conditioner Use For Babies


The condition of a baby room that is too hot or maybe too damp will make the baby uncomfortable and interfere with sleep at night. Therefore, air conditioning is needed to maintain the stability of the baby’s room temperature.

However, the use of air conditioning should also be considered. The installed temperature should not be too cold, and vice versa if it is too high it will trigger the air to dry. Then how to set the air conditioner temperature right for baby?

Launched from the page Romper, air conditioning or air conditioning safe for babies, but of course with some precautions.

Setting the temperature too low can certainly make your baby too cold. The ideal temperature for the baby’s room is between 18-21 degrees Celsius, regardless of how warm and cold the temperature outside.

Even so, you should keep monitoring the temperature of the room to ensure the comfort of your baby, not too hot or cold.

Similarly, you should never place a bed or anything that your baby will occupy near or directly in front of the air conditioning unit. This will cause your baby to become cold because the wind blows directly on them rather than cooling the entire room.

You also need to clean your air conditioner every season to maintain its working power and ensure no harmful vapors or dust are wafted into the entire room of your baby.

Another precaution is that you have to make sure your baby’s skin is well hydrated using safe lotion for babies because cold air can make the room dry.

Jan 02

7 Simple Steps a Detox After The Holidays

detoxHolidays have ended, it’s time go back to routine. Well, in order to gain spirit to celebrate the return to the productive zone, it’s good you did Detox after the holidays. These activities will make you more fresh, and even help to reduce fat mass that may be got around You piles during the holidays.

The following simple steps to doing a detox after the holidays.

1. Get rid of high-calorie food

If cake celebration still left in the House, then you need to get rid of it. Keep it at home will only trigger you to eat it. Whereas snacking on high-calorie foods will unwittingly add fat deposits in the body.

2. Set the environment

Meet your environment with healthy and delicious food will reduce Your propensity to choose foods that are not healthy. Prepare only the stock of vegetables and fresh fruits in the refrigerator, as well as yogurt without fat as the sauce.

3. Physical activity

Start your day by doing physical activity. Before working on the checking e-mail, talk on the phone, even dressing up to go undergo routine, go out of the House, running on a treadmill, or go to the gym. Or you can start the day by doing yoga can improve strength, balance, and flexibility.

4. Breakfast each morning

Breakfast is an important meal time and not to be missed. Skipping breakfast will only backfire because it triggered to eat more at the next meal time. In the meantime, if fed at once much at one time meal, body metabolism will not run with optimal.

5. A little packed at night

When arriving at night, the body needs the calories received less than other meal times. This is because during sleep the body does not need too many calories. The soup could be the ideal food to close the day because it does not contain too many calories.

6. Sleep between 7-8 hours

Study for the sake of the study showed, the disruption of sleep associated with weight problems.

7. The Association

Multiply to get along with people who have the same goals with you to help realize the target losing weight. If family and friends nearby did not support you, the ideas to be more slender after the holidays may tend to hard to be realized.

Dec 09

Eye tests Stroke Attack Detector

eye-checkIt turns a simple eye test can help identify risk of stroke. From the photographs of the retina, the doctor can see the damage caused by high blood pressure. Damage known as hypertensive retinopathy This increases the risk of stroke.

In the UK high blood pressure is the number one risk factor for stroke, causing 50 percent of the 152 thousand stroke within a year. Most stroke patients are not experiencing the early symptoms and do not know him at risk of stroke.

New research found a picture of the eye’s retina could help identify risk of stroke. Examination of retinal photographs has been widely available in the UK, experts began suggesting these checks in anticipation of a stroke.

Photographs of the retina is relatively simple. Optometrists only needs to photograph the retina to provide special eye drops that make the pupil dilated. The opening of the back of the eye can be checked using a fundus camera, a camera mikroskp with the camera attached.

“This tool is now used National Health Service to examine the changes caused by diabetes such as damage to blood vessels,” says Dr. Bernie Chang, a consultant ophthalmologist at Leeds and vice president of the Royal College of Ophthalmology.

Research about the eye exam is published in the American Heart Association journal Hypertension. The study was photographing the eyes of 2,907 people with high blood pressure who had previously suffered a stroke and everyone grouped by damage to blood vessels in the back of the eye or hypertensive retinopathy. They were then followed for 13 years. During that 146 people suffered a stroke.

The researchers found a higher risk of stroke occurred in 25 percent of those who experience mild hypertensive retinopathy. While 137 percent higher risk in those with moderate or severe hypertensive retinopathy, even after they adjusted the other stroke risk factors such as age, body mass index and blood pressure numbers.

Even among patients who received the drug control blood pressure, blood clotting risk 96 percent higher in those with mild hypertensive retinopathy and 198 percent higher in those with moderate or severe stage.

Researchers of the study and professor of the Singapore Eye Research Institute at the National University of Singapore Dr. Mohammad Kamran Ikram, said retina store valuable information regarding the blood vessels in the brain. “Retinal imaging is non-invasive and inexpensive way to check the blood vessels of the retina,” he added.

Dr. Clare Walton of the Stroke Association UK, said, “This study found a blood vessel damage the eyes can indicate a person’s potential risk for a stroke. Despite the positive results, more research is needed before doctors change a patient’s risk assessments for stroke. “

Dec 08

Simple Ways Loving Your Heart

hearthMost heart attacks occur due to an unhealthy lifestyle. No wonder if the patient’s heart began to be easily found at a young age.

How to reduce the risk of heart disease. Many simple ways that we can actually do to reduce the risk of heart disease. The first thing we can do is to balance nutrition, abstain from smoking, dealing with stress, watch your blood pressure, and regular exercise.

Here’s how to maintain a healthy heart by living HEALTHY.

1. Balance nutrition.

Eat a balanced nutritious diet. For example, to multiply eat vegetables and fruits, and foods high in fiber. Avoid too much fat and salt. High-fat diet can increase the risk of plaques that clog arteries in the heart.

2. Keep away from cigarettes

Cigarettes are the enemies of the body, especially heart health. Smoking can cause damage to blood vessels in the heart. Not only harmful to smokers themselves, but also those who are exposed to cigarette smoke exposure.

3. Confront and overcome stress

Chronic stress can lower the immune system and lead to various diseases, including heart. To maintain a healthy heart, face and cope with stress well. Do not let stress continue to master your mind

4. Monitor your blood pressure

High blood pressure is a risk factor for heart disease. Routine checking blood pressure for hypertension do not have typical symptoms. Also check your cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

5. Regularly exercising

Regular exercise at least 1.5 hours a week or five times a day with a duration of 30 minutes. Cardio exercise such as jogging, or walking, gymnastics, cycling, swimming, and tennis, very good in maintaining fitness and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Dec 07

This Risk If Sleep Only 3 Hours At The Night

sleepIn the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America, researchers in Germany exposed the existence of a close relationship between lack of sleep with high blood disease that ended with a sudden heart attack.

They noted, employees with working hours 24 hours such as medical officers and emergency services personnel, are significantly more likely to suffer a heart attack, because of the sudden increase in blood pressure and heart rate.

“For the first time, we suggest that lack of sleep, although only one night, can lead to a significant increase in contractility, blood pressure, and heart rate,” said study author Dr. Daniel Kuetting of the University of Bonn.

For this research, Dr. Kuetting and colleagues recruited 20 healthy radiologists, including 19 men and one woman, with an average age of 31.6 years. Each research participants undergo cardiovascular MRI scans, before and after working overtime. The average worker has only three hours of sleep.

The researchers also collected blood and urine samples from participants and measure the blood pressure and heart rate.

After experiencing sleep deprivation only once, the volunteers showed a significant increase in blood pressure and heart rate.

In addition, the participants also experienced a significant increase in the level of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), thyroid hormones FT3 and FT4, and cortisol are released by the body in response to stress.

“This study was designed to investigate the real life that relates to the work that makes someone less sleep,” said Dr. Kuetting.

Dec 06

Best Time Consuming Green Tea

green teaYou certainly already know the many benefits of green tea. It’s not just good for increasing the immunity of the body, green tea is also good for the health of the whole body. However, did you know there is a best time to drink green tea? Yep, the time is right will get you the maximum benefit of green tea.

1. After eating

Green tea will give you the best results if you consume it after a meal. Immediately after a meal, drink a glass of green tea. Also add lemon juice to add flavour. It will also launch the digestive system and prevent digestive problems. It would be better if you always take it after eating routine

2. Between meals

If you are just starting to consume green tea, it is recommended to consume between meals. For the first, it will not be noticeably heavy. However, select natural green tea to be consumed. For starters, you can get started with one cup per day. Next, you can increase your intake if you’ve grown accustomed to.

3. The afternoon

You are a fan of green tea? You can consume in the afternoon. Avoid drinking green tea after dinner or before going to bed. Therefore, green tea can interfere with Your sleep patterns. So, the best time to consume is in the afternoon. There is a wide selection of aroma of green tea, you can try the aroma of jasmine or honey.

4. After breakfast

If you are a “morning person”, you can consume green tea in the morning. But it is not advisable to drink green tea too early, drink after you finish breakfast. Ideally, drink a cup of green tea 30 minutes after breakfast. This is good for your digestive health.

5. Not in an empty stomach

Strongly not recommended to consume green tea under the conditions of an empty stomach. Some people believe, drink green tea before eating can help lose weight. This is not true. Up to now, there has been no evidence to show the truth of this theory. Instead of giving health benefits, it can cause health problems if you consume before meals.

6. In winter

Green tea is the best source of nutrients and antioxidants, so good is consumed in winter. Although you belong to lovers of black tea, there is no harm in consuming green tea in the winter for added energy. Drink one hour after lunch, avoid to consuming at night.

7. In the summer

Not only the good is consumed in winter, green tea is also beneficial during the summer. Because both to prevent dehydration. Drinking two cups of green tea after lunch. In addition, you can consume it whenever you want. Most people consume up to three cups of green tea per day. Therefore, to make the body feel more fresh.

Dec 03

10 Ways To Burn Fat Without Having To “the Gym”

gymDo not have a time to go to the gym? There are several things that can be done when forced to skip exercise at the gym a few weeks at a time.

1. Start the day with exercise

Before breakfast, start the exercise in the morning. Sport this morning to burn 20 percent more fat than after breakfast, said research in 2013, published in the British Journal of Nutrition. Exercise alone at home it can be a challenging movement like the squat and lunge jump for 10 minutes.

2. Go up the stairs

Take 10 minutes to flurry in between the up and down the stairs. Up and down these stairs can burn about 100 calories. Activities up and down the stairs did so more to make the body relaxes. Want to burn more calories? Flee while riding down the stairs.

3. Run sprint

The usual 30-minute run on the treadmill? Do run 10 minutes, but with more speed. “Intensive Exercise for 10 minutes it evokes burning metabolism, which is the equivalent of medium intensity exercise for 20-30 minutes,” says Jordan Metzl, MD, author of the Metzl’s Workout Prescription.

According to studies in 2013 from Colorado State University, sports just 2.5 hours with such high intensity run or bike sprint burn 200 calories more during the day.

4. Get enough sleep

Research from the University of Chicago found that dieters lose fat 55 percent sleep during a sleep 5.5 hours compared to 8.5 hours. To be able to sleep well avoid glowing screen like a TV or a cell phone. Eat snacks that make fast asleep like bananas.

5. Add weight training

Jogging at night is a good way to burn calories. Followed by strength training, we continue to burn fat after sport. In order that the maximum of burning it, exercise it must cover the entire muscle mass, Lean advice “Kravitz, Coordinator of the program of sports science of the University of New Mexico. Exercises that include a climbing wall, push ups, and lunge.

6. Walk away

Walk for 15 minutes means burning almost three times more calories than just sitting alone. It said the new study in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health. Walk any help accelerate the work of digestion.

7. Add speed

“Speed is the key. The move, the street or run a little faster to burn more calories, “said Kravitz. Change the speed of the walk more quickly and more often help burn up to 20 percent of calories, according to the study of Ohio State University in 2015. Try to add the speed for 30 minutes and then walk away with a comfortable speed for three minutes.

8. Dancing

Dancing for an hour can burn between 200-600 calories. In addition to making the slim, any dancing help build strength, increase flexibility and slow down the aging process.

9. Tabata Practise

Tabata workouts will consist of four movements just like a plank jack, jump squats. Doing one movement for 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds, then do it again. Continue the movement again and repeat. This exercise routine just four minutes, but it would burn 13.5 calories per minute and twice the calorie burn for half an hour afterwards. It said research from Auburn University in Alabama.

10. Exercise

During a break in a TV ad, stand up and move your body. Mayo Clinic research proves moving like this can burn 350 calories throughout the day. This move can eliminate the negative effects of sitting too long while watching TV.

Dec 01

6 Things Happen if Routine Drinking Green Tea

green teaGreen tea is currently still a trendy drink favoured by many people. In addition to green tea, in fact, any other kind of tea contains anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory.

However, one of the reasons more and more people enters the menu into green tea daily consumption because green tea offers many healthy benefits. The following 6 things that happen when a routine drink green tea every day.

1. More energy

Green tea has caffeine Burns excess calories. This means that any green tea gives extra energy, not even limp like after drinking a soda.

2. More relaxed

Compounds in green tea called EGCG is proven to increase a feeling of calm and stress levels to decrease.

3. Memory sharper

In the short term, one or two cups of green tea a day increased connectivity in parts of the brain associated with memory. While in the long term, the tea can slow mental decline and help prevent dementia.

4. Help lose weight

Drink green tea before a sport does not only give an additional intake of caffeine for energy, but also increases the body’s metabolism.

5. Rarely pain

Each cup of tea contains antioxidant immune booster called catechins. Add lemon juice to make catechins absorbed better by the body. Lemon juice also increases the intake of vitamin C as well.

6. Skin increasingly seamless

Drinking green tea protects the skin from free radicals and reduces skin damage from the sun. Green tea leaves can also compress to stubborn acne. Mask of green tea is also useful to reduce excess oil on the face.