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Mar 28

Knowing and Understand Shaken Baby Syndrome is Dangerous and Deadly

healthy baby

Often felt cruel when the little one cry? Then mom throws the baby in the air and swings it firmly, hoping the tears would subside, hoping the winds will subside. Maybe mom feels calm because finally, the little stop crying. Unfortunately, these actions can be dangerous for the health of the little brain and can …

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Mar 27

Tips If Your Baby Has Fever

baby fever

In order to more accurately measure the temperature, avoid children with hands only. We recommend that you prepare a thermometer or temperature measuring. It is important that the child’s body temperature can be clearly known. When the fever, the body of a baby would be easy dehydration then make sure fill the fluid intake. Mom, …

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Mar 25

Understand And Identify The Reason Why Babies Cry

baby cry

Being a new parent is not easy. Slowly but surely you will finally understand what the little one wants. But slowly it’s not easy to do. Well, before you feel panicked by the sound of a baby crying you should understand what your needs and reasons why the little one cried. It’s what makes the …

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Apr 07

How To Calm A Crying Baby


Babies will always cry every time, because that is the way to communicate something to us. Because the baby is not yet able to speak, they communicate with us through his tears. But most parents are always panic when I hear the baby cry, let alone cry suddenly while asleep. Usually it indicates the baby …

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Apr 05

How to Take Care of Baby And Completing All They Are Need


Baby care different from the treatment of adult humans in general. Parents need to be more patient when caring for the baby because the baby’s life is still very dependent on another human being, be it mother or nurse, for example. Without a qualified care, infant health will obviously be disrupted. Usually it gives a …

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