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Nov 03

Removing Makeup With Natural Way

In order to look beautiful and engaging in activity, certainly the women always use makeup as a complementary beauty. Because with the help of this makeup your face can look whiter, brighter, and more beautiful. But before you go to bed, make sure you don’t forget to clean the remnants of the makeup of the …

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Jul 30

Chewed or Rubbed, this 9 Foods That Can Whiten Teeth

The food we eat, but can affect the health, also affect the beauty of our teeth. For those of you who want to get attractive smile with sparkling white teeth, try to eat some of the foods recommended by dr. Aarti Sharma, from Clove Dental following is quoted from the Health Me Up. 1. Strawberry …

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Jul 24

3 Benefits From Mangosteen Fruit

The Mangosteen apparently not only tasty when consumed, but also for the wealthy will benefit. Herbal based treatment proven, using the extract of mangosteen increasingly lively in Indonesia. Want to know what are the benefits of the mangosteen fruit? Mangosteen fruit benefits The mangosteen fruit is believed to be capable of addressing a wide range …

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Jul 02

Want to Slim Without Dieting? Follow these 7 Ways

Want to Slim Without Dieting? Follow These 7 Easy Ways. Slim is not just reduce the portions of food. However, there are some that are also supposed to be a concern. 7 Here’s how: 1. Eating with a large fork. It is established from an Italian study that there is a relationship between the size …

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Mar 07

How To Naturally Get Eyebrows Views

Eyebrows, in fact, is one part of the body that serves to protect the eyes. But in fact, the brow is also one of the factors the sweetener in every human face. Eyebrows can add to the beauty of the face to make it look more perfect. What about Your eyebrows? Born with thick eyebrows …

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Mar 05

This is 4 the Used Cosmetic of prohibited During Pregnancy

Despite being pregnant, women remain concerned with beauty. However, pregnant women need to be vigilant in the use of cosmetics. There are a few cosmetic forbidden for pregnant women. The following products can adversely affect fetal development. 1. Medication Acne, Retinol & Salicylic Acid Drugs and acne face cream containing retinol and salicylic acid should …

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Feb 21

This Is 5 Ways That It Turns Out Bizarre Diet Successfully

It seemed there was no way diet and always best suited to someone. Because the diet is actually much better when arranged and adapted to the needs of the body. While the needs of one’s body is never the same as another person’s body needs. Well, some people might think that this diet is less …

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Jan 15

This is How To Eliminate Glasses Former in the Nose

The use of glasses for a long time often cause scars or hollow mold in the nose. If not addressed, this basin would imprint on the nose like a wound that reduces the appearance and your self-confidence, especially when I had to take off the glasses. Is there any way around that? 1. Nose Keep …

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Oct 23

5 Health Mistakes Which Doing ​​In The Morning

Sometimes we underestimate the little things in the morning, which led to our activities. If it were so, the work can be undone, and we did not live the spirit of the day passed. Not only that, this effect could also continue to ill health. You have to understand the body as well, so that …

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Jun 23

6 Tips For Choosing a Jewelry

This is 6 Tips for Choosing Jewelry. There are no women who are not tempted by jewelry. This is what makes many women often go crazy and all-out shopping when he saw a variety of jewelry she likes. Because no thinking, many women often regret jewelry purchased as difficult combined with its fashion, or not …

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