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Oct 11

Financial Problems Can Lead to Brain Health Descent


People who are experiencing financial problems usually do not prioritize health. In fact, from a study revealed financial problems even can reduce brain health. Studies conducted on 3,400 US adults aged 18-30 years, in the period 1985-2010. At the end of the study, each participant followed the three standard tests to measure the function of …

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Apr 15

3 Easy Ways To Let You Not So An Emotional Eater

women eating

There are times when someone is in a State of uncertain heart and mind, then she will prefer to vent against food or commonly known with the term emotional eating. So it is with you. In the general sense, emotional eating is the desire to eat food of all kinds is excessive because of the …

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Aug 04

Food Can Be Consumed At Mood Sad


A person’s Mood can be influenced from what he eats and how to consume food. Some types of foods can make a person more excited in the activity, there is also a function of soothing mood. Chocolate, for example, is recommended for food consumed at will hold an important meeting, when the exam or when …

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