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Nov 26

Food that Make cavities


There are some foods that are extremely harmful to the teeth and this can cause some problems. These foods generally are often consumed daily without having to think. In fact, the effect can create cavities. Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Mukul Dabholkar, said that some foods can cause enamel erosion which can make teeth sensitive to hot, …

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Nov 24

Food & Beverage Can Prevent cavities


Sweet and sour foods can make cavities. But there is food and drink is good for teeth. What is it? Here are the details: 1. Water It is very necessary. You should rinse your mouth with water every meal or drink (drinks hot or cold). 2. Dairy products Milk and cheese have essential vitamins and …

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Nov 19

Want To Keep Teeth Bright White? Avoid This Drink!


You certainly do not want food or beverages consumed leaving a stain that could interfere with the gleaming white teeth. Avoid foods and drinks so that your smile is always brilliant. Here are a few food and drink you need to avoid to keep teeth white: Avoid fizzy drinks as they contain acids that eat …

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