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Nov 01

Protein Rich Diet Has Risks As The Danger Of Smoking

Eating too much protein, such as beef, eggs, chicken, or fish in a day, will endanger your life. Especially if you apply it when you’re on a diet, especially for those in middle age between 40-50 years. In the past 20 years, researchers saw that the four servings of protein-rich meal more a day, increases …

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Oct 28

Mediterranean Powerful Diet Help Relieve Depression

The Mediterranean diet is known to aid in heart health, and new evidence shows it is more than that. This diet can also change your mood, especially for those who are often affected by depression. The study followed 4,000 volunteers in Spain for four years, with an age range between 55-80 years showed, as many …

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Oct 21

Breakfast Make You Stay Slim Body

Most people are reluctant to have breakfast because they thought that the breakfast would make their body fat. But in fact a study as reported by dailymail.co.uk say that diligent breakfast can actually make you more slim. Research conducted at the University of Bath is to compare two groups of people who diligently breakfast and …

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Oct 10

How to Slim Naturally: Diet Blood Type O

Has a slim body and disproportionately be the desire of every woman. The scientists did not stop doing a series of studies in order to find a way to slim the most potent natural for every individual. Well, the blood type diet to be one that has been known to many people. Site drlam.com, blood …

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