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Oct 28

Mediterranean Powerful Diet Help Relieve Depression

Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is known to aid in heart health, and new evidence shows it is more than that. This diet can also change your mood, especially for those who are often affected by depression. The study followed 4,000 volunteers in Spain for four years, with an age range between 55-80 years showed, as many …

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Oct 25

Junk Food Consumption Increases Risk of Premature Baby Born


Junk food should be avoided for anyone, especially the foods rich in fat and salt are not good for health. Also for the children, should avoid the fast food. But that’s not all, pregnant women are also at risk 50 percent of premature delivery, if you eat junk food on a regular basis. It is …

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Oct 15

Substance In Tomato Sauce Turns Healthy


The tomato sauce is considered a bad thing for health. Because tomato sauce is often served as processed foods and packaging. However, a recent study showed that eating tomato sauce can provide health benefits to the body. The results obtained from the University of Cambridge researchers after observing the patient’s heart disease at Cambridge University …

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