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Sep 06

The Savory Juices In Order To Keep ‘ Hot Sex ‘

Fruit and vegetable are familiar as a weapon of detoxification. In addition to strengthening the immune system, treat stomach problems and strengthen bones also can improve sex life. Nutrition specialists Drew Canole says, the juice has many benefits. Drew Canole created two recipes of fruit and vegetable juice, which is a blend of vitamins and …

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May 15

Rosella, Healthy Drinks Alternative Caffeine Substitute

Your morning will not be complete without sipping a cup of coffee or tea? Be careful, you know, the content of caffeine in it is consumed in excess is not good for health. Replace it with¬†Rosella tea¬† who recently stole a lot of attention because of its benefits. Consider the further explanation of benefits following …

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Aug 22

Six Drinks That Make You Relax

Remove the stress and tension you in a positive way, one is to drink. Does that mean you will get drunk and unconscious? Oh no, not the drink that we purpose. However, this drink tastes delicious and is made from a variety of fruits that give the effect of relaxation, providing vitamins and refreshing. What …

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Aug 02

The Right Time To Drink Coffee So That The Body More Excitement

A cup of hot tea or coffee is the most delicious drink in the morning. But it was not a drink that is best consumed as soon as you wake up from sleep. Drinking coffee, tea or other caffeinated beverages should not be in the morning, but by noon. Scientists have conducted research and found …

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Jul 24

How To Maintain A Healthy Life Patterns

Our bodies are extremely susceptible to disease as well as viruses and bacteria that spreads through the air. What’s more, with many cycles of food and drink that is still of questionable cleanliness. The environment in which we live is also greatly affects our health, in the environment of residence, we are polluted and dirty, …

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May 19

Lychee Strawberry Fruit Cocktails

The heat of the air caused global warming make the throat suffered being arid. When it’s this taste good Downing drinks fresh and overwhelm the sore throat. Hmm but what menu Yes that’s fun to drive the thirst of your body? Want to try a recipe for fruit cocktail, powerful drive out thirst and recipes …

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May 08

Slimming Juice: Strawberry Delight

Who say’s diet should be earned not eating and torturing yourself? There are way more fun and of course deliciously on the tongue. Yes of course diligently eating fruit juice. As you may know, fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber which can facilitate the digestion. Thus the fats that are not needed by the …

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Apr 20

The potent Herbal Tea Benefits For Health

Drinking tea may already be a part of our life. Even the habit of drinking tea has been already a routine activity almost everyone. Even in Japan, tea drinking has become a ritual of its own. In addition to black tea, red tea, green tea and our usual drinking, there is another herbal tea, which …

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Apr 18

The 6 Benefits Of Coffee For Health

Coffee has a long history in terms of resulting in a wide range of ailments, ranging from human growth slows to cause heart disease and cancer. But some recent research suggests that coffee is not that bad. In addition to rewarding to drive sleepy, it turns out the coffee also has some benefits for health. …

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Apr 05

Apple Cinnamon Tea

Ingredients: 1/2 cinnamon stick 1 tbsp tea leaves sugar according to taste 3 apples 1 tbsp honey 500 ml water   How To Make: 1. Boil the tea leaves, cinnamon, sugar and honey over low heat. Then cool 2. Apple juice and pick which could be summarised 3. After the tea was not too hot …

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