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Feb 01

Manggo Ice MilkySoda

Mango Ice MilkySoda

Ingredients: 2 medium-size ripe mango, peeled and sliced bars 5 tbsp sweetened condensed milk white ice cube blocks 100 ml of soda Strawberries for garnish How To Make: 1. Mash mangoes, ice beam, and milk until smooth with a medium power juicer 2. Shrink the juicer until the lowest level, then add soda. Juice for …

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Jan 19

Longan IceLand Recipe

Longan IceLand

  Ingredients: 7 fruit longan 5 canned rambutan fruit 5 pieces lychee canned 1 tbsp Basil 2 tbsp syrup lychee sweetened condensed milk ice water shaved ice to taste cherry for garnish How To Make: 1. Dissolve lychee syrup on ice water, stirring until blended. 2. Insert the fruits, and shaved ice. Top with sweetened …

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