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Dec 09

Eye tests Stroke Attack Detector

It turns a simple eye test can help identify risk of stroke. From the photographs of the retina, the doctor can see the damage caused by high blood pressure. Damage known as hypertensive retinopathy This increases the risk of stroke. In the UK high blood pressure is the number one risk factor for stroke, causing …

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Jul 06

Signs and The Symptoms Child Internet Addiction

It has become a common thing that a lot of teenage kids are very fond of the internet and video games – because both are intertwined. For adolescents, anything that related technologies, be it for a means of entertainment, or to always connect with friends can be a very serious behavior disorders. Internet addiction in …

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Jun 26

Why Stress can cause disease?

Perhaps you’ve listened to the advice of medical experts or doctors when consulted about your illness “Lots of rest and avoid stress”. This means less rest and stress can prevent your recovery will even worsen your illness. Although no ill though, that chronic stress can trigger a protracted serious illness vary based infection due to …

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Jun 16

Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle Without Meat Vegetarian style

Have you ever restricted certain types of food to be consumed? There are some people who deliberately chose certain foods, such as vegetables only for reasons of taste or not love love food ‘ fleshy ‘. On the other hand, there are also forbidden to consume foods that are indeed made from such meat. The …

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May 07

Blood Type B? Avoid to Eat Chicken Meat!

A natural medical practitioner Peter J. Adamo, revealed that blood type has different reactions to food consumed by a person and will have an impact on the digestive process. As is known, the classification of human blood is divided into 4 groups, namely blood groups A, B, AB, and O. Relating to the type of …

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Apr 16

Don’t Make It A Habit Keeps A Mobile Phone In Your Pocket, This Is Dangerous!

Currently, mobile phones have become an indispensable tool by virtually everyone, without trouble, we will phone to communicate quickly With the mobile communication can be done more easily and quickly whenever and wherever in line with increasingly sophisticated devices and networks that are now available. But despite the benefits thereof, there are other effects that …

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Mar 04

3 Reasons Why You Should Have Many Friends

You certainly have friends, right? Well, from the many friends do you have certainly not all will have the same properties. A friend whose existence is able to provide positive energy, there is also a friend who often invites you to do things that are harmful to others even to make you feel irritated. Having …

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Oct 27

The Benefits Of Vitamin D For Health Body

Vital amine or vitamins, are a group of organic compounds which have the smallest weight and function which is very vital in metabolism in any organism that is rarely produced by the body. Vitamins in Latin vita or a life and an amine (amine) that refers to a cluster of organic and has a nitrogen …

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Oct 24

Do Not Want To Stress? Follow the 3 Way Stop Multitasking Here

You have heavy activity must always have a lot of work to be completed. But often only finish one job alone is not satisfactory, you are often required to be able to do some things in a moment or all the time. This is called multitasking. But the bad news is, the habit of doing …

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Sep 28

What Is Your Body’s Nutritional Deficiencies

The human body requires adequate nutritional intake to stay healthy. The intake of these nutrients can be obtained from food or drink commonly consumed per day. Therefore, you are required to choose the food/drinks are good for the body. Most people think that people who are malnourished skinny stature. But in fact not the case, …

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