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Sep 19

3 Herbal Potions To Increase Libido


The Chinese believe, ginseng efficacious immune-boosting, increase sexual desire, brain function, increase energy, vitality, and stamina. Based on research, aphrodisiac herbs contain compounds derived Saponins, Alkaloids, Tannins and other compounds that are physiologically able to improve blood circulation in the central nervous system or peripheral blood circulation and lead to an increase in blood circulation …

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Aug 15

The Benefits of Mint Leaf, Reduce Abdominal Pain And To Prevent Cancer


Although it has been consumed for hundreds of years, not many people know the health benefits of a mint plant. Whereas in developed countries, this plant is often used as a food ingredient either just freshen the mouth or prevent a number of diseases. As the page loaded Prevention, Friday (07/24/2015), a study conducted in …

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