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Oct 20

Tricks Show Cute and Practical in the Morning

Choosing clothes in the morning before the move sometimes quite dizzying. Especially for women, of course, a bit of a hassle because they have to unpack some clothing options for mixing. To appear instantly and still look fashionable, make sure to choose basic fashion items like a jumpsuit. And so as not to impress monotonous, …

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Oct 19

Trendy with Streetwear Style

Within decades the development of the fashion world especially streetwear continues to be in demand. Not only men, women are now also not shy show his expression with the style of streetwear. There are many things that can be highlighted if you want to display the style of streetwear. Some of them showcase your favorite …

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Jul 06

Signs and The Symptoms Child Internet Addiction

It has become a common thing that a lot of teenage kids are very fond of the internet and video games – because both are intertwined. For adolescents, anything that related technologies, be it for a means of entertainment, or to always connect with friends can be a very serious behavior disorders. Internet addiction in …

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Jun 16

Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle Without Meat Vegetarian style

Have you ever restricted certain types of food to be consumed? There are some people who deliberately chose certain foods, such as vegetables only for reasons of taste or not love love food ‘ fleshy ‘. On the other hand, there are also forbidden to consume foods that are indeed made from such meat. The …

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Nov 10

Positive Lifestyle Tips

Lifestyle is a lifestyle Click or call now or secondary needs of human being could change WHO Depending on the development of the times and the desire of nature or someone to change her lifestyle. The term lifestyle was originally Introduced by Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler named in 1929. Lifestyle can be seen from how …

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Nov 01

Healthy Diet With Drinking Coffee

Coffee is one of the drinks are very delicious especially when eaten on the morning before activity. Not even the few people who consume Coffee because it is believed to make people continue to ‘ Awake ‘ due to the caffeine in coffee. But there is also a saying that excessive coffee consumption can lead …

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Oct 23

5 Health Mistakes Which Doing ​​In The Morning

Sometimes we underestimate the little things in the morning, which led to our activities. If it were so, the work can be undone, and we did not live the spirit of the day passed. Not only that, this effect could also continue to ill health. You have to understand the body as well, so that …

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