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Jun 30

Here Mistakes When Using Condoms


Researchers from Indiana University United States has recently undertaken a review of the 50 studies on the use of condoms within the last 16 years. The results of the study found a number of list of common mistakes made when couples use condoms. The following is a list of 15 errors as reported condom use …

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Jun 25

Clear Your Mind And Relax Before You Doing Sexual Activity


Sexual intercourse is associated with the mind. That is why, if you want to enjoy a robust sex and exciting, we encourage you to relax. Particularly for women, relaxed mind greatly affect sexual satisfaction. Therefore, the brain is one of the erogenous zones for sexual. If the mind is complicated, generally women would refuse sexual …

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May 03

Here’s 5 Things To Check the Require Male Sperm


Sperm is an important indicator of male fertility. Its quality will also determine the chances of having offspring. When a grown man live a normal life and be able to make his wife pregnant, then the suspicion of sperm quality may never crossed. However, when a man has been married for many years and was …

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Apr 12

This is 5 Things You Thought By Women As Sex


In matters of sex, women are complex beings. It could be when intercourse is done, his mind flashed a variety of things. These thoughts can certainly hinder a woman to reach orgasm. Research shows that reaching a climax, women should stop thinking about things that make them scared and nervous. Based on a survey Mans …

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Apr 08

Sex Position Favorite For Men

sex position

There are many types of styles of sex that could be an option to overcome feels bored. Each pair even everyone has their own favorite style to make love. The annual survey conducted by Esquire showed no more than five sex positions that men like in America. Woman on top position or cowgirl is a …

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Apr 05

The Risks Poor One Night Stands Love


One night stands are a bad risk for psychological or physical, including sexually transmitted diseases. Here are four of the worst risks of love one night that you should know: depression Many studies have also proved increasingly shorter relationships, the higher the level of depression. Stress due to a lack of commitment Love the night …

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Apr 01

How To Read a Male Character By Hands Watches


Some say that you never really get to know someone with an instant of time. But do not worry, by following guidelines, you can uncover the man’s personality in just one minute. Figure watches Men who use the clock as a thinker and not happy save lingering problems. Always wanted it over with. Digital watches …

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Mar 23

Here’s 7 Things That Can Destructive Your Sperm Quality


Anything that can make sperm production decreases? As quoted from the Health, following seven things that can cause reduced sperm quality. 1. Temperature is Too Hot According to Hal Danzer, MD, a fertility specialist from Los Angeles, when the temperature rose to 98 degrees testes, sperm production can be halted and the impact can occur …

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Mar 19

Here’s 11 facts “Solo Sex” Masturbation What You Should To Know!

solo sex

Make love not only satisfaction you can get from your partner. You can also “act” self-indulgent. Check out 11 facts about the solo sex. 1. The same sex with masturbation Solo. Solo sex is how to achieve the satisfaction of having sex without the presence of a partner. Many regard as deviant sexual behavior. In …

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Mar 01

Overcoming Sperm Allergies


All efforts have been tried, not just sexual intercourse on a regular basis in the fertile period. But also fertility through laboratory examination. The result? You still not getting pregnant. No need to worry, there are other measures that you need to consider to try, ie check your blood antibody titer. The goal is to …

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