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Feb 18

Getting to know Contraception More Close

One way that is easy to plan a pregnancy is to use contraception. Contraceptive comes in a variety of methods and effectiveness. Despite the different methods, but this tool has the same goal, namely to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Condom Condom comes from the Latin condus which means the reservoir. Condoms are a type of bag …

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Feb 15

Understand Couple In Sexual Relationships

In essence, sexual intercourse should not be done for long. If the female partner has been getting orgasms, then that is a sign for him to finish the game. Here, there are important things to consider before having sexual intercourse. Get started Try to do the proper preparation. Do not forget the drinks and cleaning …

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Feb 12

Cybersex Alternatives to Sexual Activity

Cybersex is one alternative and sometimes also become a real substitute for sexual activity. This phenomenon invites the emergence of a new moral problems of innovation or variation of this sex. Then arises the question, whether cybersex is allowed and included a betrayal, especially for someone who already has a partner. Many of the men …

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Jul 01

Do not Be Indifferent With Your Couple

Every couple wants their sex life fun. Boredom and bland in sex certainly is not desired by each partner. If explored further, a lot of things or factors that cause the problem. One of them is, being too ignorant and indifferent to sexual affairs, which ultimately makes sex becomes bland. Attitudes are too ignorant or …

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