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Jul 09

Foods That Can Damage The liver Organ

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Your liver is the one organ that has the most tasks. The liver is the air filter and toxic chemicals, drug metabolism, energy storage, maker of enzymes and is approximately 500 other tasks. The liver works to make sure your body gets enough nutrients it needs, and keep your body from toxins in food throughout …

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May 06

Chewing Gum, Boost Brain Capability

Chewing Gum

There are interesting from the research results of Professor Serge Onyper, a psychologist from the St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York. Onyper revealed that the activity of chewing gum can affect the brain’s ability to reach accomplishments. This may already be known and even practiced by many people when doing activities. For example, just …

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Apr 15

There Are a Lot of Toxins Lodged In Your Intestine, This Is How To Clean It Up!


The¬†intestine is an important part of the human digestive system. The colon is extending from the cecum to the rectum. If a colon is not working properly, then the dirt that contains toxins will be long stored in it. If the waste is stuck is stuck and not moving the toxic waste is eventually absorbed …

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Apr 13

This Is What Happens If You Paste The Onion Slices On The Soles Of The Feet While you sleep

point of the meridian

In Chinese medicine, the soles of the feet have a direct access to some of the organs in your body through what is known as the meridian. This Meridian is the line of each organ in the body. For those who understand Chinese medicine may know that the meridian system is closely related to the …

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Nov 27

Saturated Fat Making Ability Down Memory Brain


A recent study revealed that eating saturated fat can affect the brain’s memory capabilities, especially in men, such as reported by the Fox News on Saturday (22/11/2014). These findings add a list of illnesses associated with consumption of saturated fat. During these saturated fats have often been associated with an increased risk of heart disease …

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Oct 27

The Benefits Of Vitamin D For Health Body


Vital amine or vitamins, are a group of organic compounds which have the smallest weight and function which is very vital in metabolism in any organism that is rarely produced by the body. Vitamins in Latin vita or a life and an amine (amine) that refers to a cluster of organic and has a nitrogen …

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Oct 24

Do Not Want To Stress? Follow the 3 Way Stop Multitasking Here


You have heavy activity must always have a lot of work to be completed. But often only finish one job alone is not satisfactory, you are often required to be able to do some things in a moment or all the time. This is called multitasking. But the bad news is, the habit of doing …

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Sep 28

What Is Your Body’s Nutritional Deficiencies


The human body requires adequate nutritional intake to stay healthy. The intake of these nutrients can be obtained from food or drink commonly consumed per day. Therefore, you are required to choose the food/drinks are good for the body. Most people think that people who are malnourished skinny stature. But in fact not the case, …

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Sep 01

Characteristics Of Headache Due To Brain Tumor


Most headaches felt by the community is not caused due to a brain tumor. However, despite such headaches that appears should not be considered trivial, because this could be a signal of a serious health disorder. The headache itself can appear as a result of several factors triggers. Such is the level of stress, migraines, …

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Aug 08

Don’t Ignore For Too Long Tired Eyes


Staring at a computer screen for too long can make strained and tired eyes. Pain, feels dry but often watery, eyes feel heavy with pain in the back, shoulders and neck are some traits you experience eye fatigue. In addition to staring at a computer for long periods, other causes eye fatigue is stress at …

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