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Jun 08

10 Types of Healthy Snacks Make Your Child

Children are very fond of sweet food as their snack. But you also need to limit your intake of sugary foods for your baby so that they avoid the risk of diabetes and obesity. Here are 10 types of snacks that you can give to the baby to keep them happy, but also healthy. Fruits …

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Jun 07

5 The Healthy Snack

Consume snacks outside the main meals are Often categorized as a snack. Well, what are healthy snacks or foods that do not make weight and cholesterol levels go up? Here are 5 types of snacks that can be filling as well as healthy. 1. Salad Fruit / Vegetable. It usually consists of a variety of …

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Oct 21

Breakfast Make You Stay Slim Body

Most people are reluctant to have breakfast because they thought that the breakfast would make their body fat. But in fact a study as reported by dailymail.co.uk say that diligent breakfast can actually make you more slim. Research conducted at the University of Bath is to compare two groups of people who diligently breakfast and …

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Oct 15

Substance In Tomato Sauce Turns Healthy

The tomato sauce is considered a bad thing for health. Because tomato sauce is often served as processed foods and packaging. However, a recent study showed that eating tomato sauce can provide health benefits to the body. The results obtained from the University of Cambridge researchers after observing the patient’s heart disease at Cambridge University …

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