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Dec 16

4 Sensational Movement to Achieve Breast Orgasms

sensational movement

Each touch is given by your partner has the meaning and sense. And you would be surprised if the women are feeling the touch of this one. Breasts are sensitive parts owned by women, and almost no man able to reject or resist this beauty. Some men have a different reason in expressing a touch …

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Jun 30

Here Mistakes When Using Condoms


Researchers from Indiana University United States has recently undertaken a review of the 50 studies on the use of condoms within the last 16 years. The results of the study found a number of list of common mistakes made when couples use condoms. The following is a list of 15 errors as reported condom use …

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Jun 06

List Of Foods To Increase Sexual Arousal

foodfor better sex

The desire to make love is influenced by many factors, one of which is the aroma and flavor of the food. “Each type of food has different nutrients that affect the stages of human sexual arousal,” says Ava Cadell, Ph.D., a sexologist. That is why aromatherapy treatments touted as one of the alternative methods of …

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May 31

Effects of Too Long Watching Porn Video


If for just a variation when it should serve his wife, porn can be a reference. Just do not excessive and preoccupation watching porn, even to lose track of time and forget themselves. It’s nothing, various studies have shown the negative effects of watching porn craze, both the physical and mental condition of a porn …

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May 30

Enjoy to Watch Movies Porn? Beware, There’s The Shrinking Brain


Watching movies is hot pleasure for most men. You ‘re a fan too ? You’d better think again. A study found that men who often witnessed sexual scenes appeared to have a smaller cortex, whereas the gray parts that contribute to determine the level of intelligence. Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, …

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May 29

Unique Manner to Reach Conception Sperm Work Together


If previously often mentioned that sperm’ compete’ to be able to reach the egg. Now a study just mentioned that sperm work as a team in doing so. Moreover, how to swim that had also very unique. Like what ? Quoted from the BBC on Wednesday ( 28/05/2014 ), the scientists mentioned sperm cells from …

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May 03

Here’s 5 Things To Check the Require Male Sperm


Sperm is an important indicator of male fertility. Its quality will also determine the chances of having offspring. When a grown man live a normal life and be able to make his wife pregnant, then the suspicion of sperm quality may never crossed. However, when a man has been married for many years and was …

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Apr 05

The Risks Poor One Night Stands Love


One night stands are a bad risk for psychological or physical, including sexually transmitted diseases. Here are four of the worst risks of love one night that you should know: depression Many studies have also proved increasingly shorter relationships, the higher the level of depression. Stress due to a lack of commitment Love the night …

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Feb 15

Understand Couple In Sexual Relationships


In essence, sexual intercourse should not be done for long. If the female partner has been getting orgasms, then that is a sign for him to finish the game. Here, there are important things to consider before having sexual intercourse. Get started Try to do the proper preparation. Do not forget the drinks and cleaning …

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Feb 01

When to Pregnant Women Should Avoid Intimate Relationship

pregnant mother

Sexual intercourse is often cause for concern when undergoing pregnancy. Both the husband and the pregnant women sometimes feel uncomfortable having sex because the baby in the womb alarming. Actually, under the condition of normal pregnancy, sexual activity need not be restricted especially avoided. Precisely intercourse can increase the harmony of the couple’s relationship during …

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